18404665861_6c2f30b006_zSo you want to be a Yoga teacher? That’s awesome! The more people spreading Yoga’s love, the better. The world can use all the positive, strong, peaceful energy it can get, right? So go for it!

Um…but where? Do a web search for “Yoga teacher training” and get ready to scroll through thousands of trainings. Some have clever names and big promises. Some are in fabulous resort locations. Others are in rec centers and Yoga studios. How do you choose the program right for you?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Why are you pursuing Yoga teacher training? Are you looking to teach Yoga to athletes or senior citizens? Do you want to own a studio or work in a gym? Are you just interested in learning more about Yoga? When you imagine yourself five years after your 200 hour training, what do you see? Now, when you research training programs, do they match your end goal?
  2. What part(s) of a Yoga practice are most important to you? A strong teacher training program should include instruction in all the aspects of the Science of Yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Hatha, Raja, Japa, and Jnana. But, each program emphasizes some subjects over others. So, are you mostly interested in learning asanas and their therapeutic functions? Do the philosophy of Yoga and the Yoga Sutras excite you most? Or are you more a student of meditation and Nidra? Defining your priorities and passions will also help you choose the right program.
  3. Which Yoga lineage resonates with you? Do some research and find the lineage and system that speak to you. Are you guided by Iyengar’s anatomical focus? Does Krishnamacharya’s active style work for you? Explore the trainings offered in the lineage of the following great Yoga masters:  Yogananda, Satchidananda, Pattabhi Jois, Sivananda, and Desikachar. When one style lights you up, search for a teacher training program guided by an instructor of that direct lineage.
  4. What kind of program fits into your life? If you are able, a residential training program is the way to go. Staying in an ashram setting, you live your Yoga practice, spending your day surrounded by peers as passionate and curious as you. It is the most authentic, fulfilling training you can get. However, we can’t all leave our “real life” for weeks to pursue our training, so other options are available. Some trainings are on weekends. Some meet for a week at a time. Other are even offered online.15563878096_a820ae7d81_z

A perfect example of a 200 hour Yoga teacher training that blends the best of all worlds to fit into most people’s schedules and budgets is Kidding Around Yoga’s training. The course is held in St. Petersburg, Florida, in a residential-style environment. The 18 day course is divided into two nine day trainings, with room and board available on-site. The Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) training is designed using very classical Hatha Yoga with simple adaptations to teach in a modern Yoga world. KAY’s teaching is based in Integral Yoga as designed by Sri Swami Satchidananda, to be a more traditional, gentle style of Yoga. Upon completion of the program, students will know how to adapt classes for chair, laughing, prenatal, kids, and mixed level Yoga classes. The program also covers the history and philosophy of Yoga, anatomy, meditation, diet, Ayurveda, stress management, and even marketing. Go to KAY’s website to learn more about this unique and affordable training!

11453390455_609373d819_zIf teaching Yoga is in your future, it is imperative to find a training program that not only fits your budget and schedule, but one that fits your soul. Do your research, both online and in your heart. You’ll find the right fit.




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