What could be more exciting than a class of mermaids? Especially if one of the mermaids is Ariel, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid! That will be great don´t you think?

I remembered that when I was a little girl, The little Mermaid was definitely my favorite movie ever! So, I thought why not have fun with a yoga class of this? It could be a regular class or a great theme for a yoga birthday party, too. We can dress like mermaids, or King Triton and we will have a lot of asanas and a great story.

So imagine we all go to on a boat trip (boat pose), and then we passed thru an island that has an amazing story about a princess that used to be a mermaid and her prince.

The story begins down under the sea where there was a King and his daughters. One of them was Ariel, a beautiful mermaid (mermaid pose) that loves to sing and she has a beautiful voice. Her best friend was Flounder a cute yellow fish (fish pose) and both of them loved to be in adventures.

Ariel was always attracted to the life out of the sea. But her father, King Triton, never let her go on the surface because it was dangerous for a mermaid to be seen by humans.

Ariel had a secret. She had hundreds of relics from sunk boats (boat pose): cups, mirrors, cutlery, etc, in a hidden special place. Every time that she didn´t know what an object was, Ariel used to swim outside the sea to see another friend that was a seagull (pigeon pose) named Scuttle to explain the use of it.  

One time she was swimming (locust pose) with Flounder chasing a big ship and suddenly Sebastian a little crab (crab pose) who was her chaperone saw her, he tried to stop her but it was impossible.

Ariel started swimming on the surface and saw a young man in the ship named Eric. In that moment she felt convinced that she wanted to have legs, like the humans, so that way she would dance, walk, jump etc.

Ariel was wondering how she could get that so Ursula the witch of the sea, who was an octopus (shake legs and arms like tentacles) looked for her and convinced Ariel that if she gave her voice to Ursula she can have legs by a magic spell (we can use bubbles here to create the effect of the spell).

Ariel accepted this immediately. After Ursula gave Ariel legs, she and Eric fell in love. But, of course, Ursula didn’t like that and tried to stop them. Luckily, Ariel´s friends (frogs, starfish, dolphins pose) help her to break Ursula´s spell and show Eric the truth. In the end, Ariel’s father magically gave her legs so she could be with Eric and visit King Triton whenever she wanted.

Now close your eyes, lie back and imagine that we are floating peacefully on the water for a few minutes. We can put some music or start with a guided meditation. A great song to play during a Little Mermaid class is Kidding Around Yoga’s A Yogi Went to Sea.

This also will be a perfect time to talk about the importance of honesty, inclusion of other people even if we are different.  Also to discuss friendship and family.

The Little Mermaid is, without a doubt, a beautiful story full of great messages. Get more ideas for an ocean themed Little Mermaid class with Kids Yoga at the Beach .


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