Kidding Around Yoga Has Invaded My Brain!

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Well, I have an array of colorful, fun, catchy Kids’ Yoga songs on repeat in mine. Seriously, my thoughts have been taken over by the lyrical genius of Kidding Around Yoga founder, Haris Lender. I was fortunate enough to have recently participated in one of Haris’ amazing Kids’ Yoga teacher training classes, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of yoga that stays with me even when my eyes are closed: I have been dancing, singing, and doing the Yoga Slide in my dreams! Kidding Around Yoga has invaded my brain!

As a mother of two young children, I’m already a sleep-deprived zombie, and now I’m dancing around the grocery store singing “Yoga Nagila.” It’s funny, I did my 200-hour Integral Yoga certification at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville— an incredibly intensive 4-week full immersion into the world of yoga—and Kidding Around is just as, if not more consuming. Being a mommy means that the night time is my most peaceful time of the day—and even then, I can’t stop thinking about Kids’ Yoga!

Okay, so I was completely overcome by the unique design of this training: the two days I spent sitting on the floor, playing games, singing songs, and getting to know a crew of fantastic people. Some were yogis, some were business-types; others were teachers, artists, and mommies. There even was a boy in my class, how cool is that? So for an entire weekend, we all learned how to Kid Around and it was awesome! But the big kicker to this training —and this is what is infecting my mind—is that they have created this whole entire online training as well. So every night I spend hours on my smartphone lying in bed, reading and watching videos, learning how yoga for children is great for stress management, how it teaches coping skills, and how it can boost a kid’s confidence. Surprisingly, Kidding Around Yoga is quite the workout too! I consider myself a fairly active and athletic person, and even I felt beat up after my weekend of training. Agghhh! It’s taking over my brain AND my body! It’s alive!

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the training was observing the Family Yoga session led by Haris. Seeing the children interacting with their parents, strengthening that loving bond, was truly amazing. The parents were learning from their kids, and the children couldn’t be more thrilled. It was incredibly touching. Having my own family at home made the experience that much more poignant for me, and I absolutely love sharing Kidding Around Yoga with them. My 2-year-old son, Evan, is already excited about it—yoga comes very natural to him and he grasps it in a way that never ceases to surprise me. He’s memorizing the words and poses, and every day he runs up to me screaming, “Mommy! Let’s do Goga!” It melts my heart! It’s a wonderful way to enrich your family life, and I would highly recommend it to parents and kids of all ages. After all, Om is where the heart is!


Kidding Around Yoga has taken everything from Hatha Yoga to meditation, to the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, put them in a bag of tricks, threw in over 100 different songs and games, and made the perfect recipe for teaching a Children’s Yoga class. Like their motto says, “We didn’t invent Children’s Yoga… We just perfected it!” And I am sure glad that they did. I am happy to say that since my training I have been living, breathing, blogging, sleeping, eating, drinking, dreaming Kidding Around Yoga and I’m loving every minute of it!


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