A- ASANAS: It’s pretty amazing how many different poses you can fit into a Kids’ Yoga class! They are found in the songs, the yoga stories, and even in the games…

B- BIRTHDAY PARTIES: What a fun and unique idea for a kids’ birthday party! You can incorporate yoga stories (starring the birthday boy/girl), games, crafts, spiritual teaching, and poses.

C- CLASSES: Where are children’s yoga classes held? Everywhere! Yoga studios, YMCAs, parks, camps, libraries, Girl Scout meetings, daycares, schools…Where will you be teaching?

D- DVD: Yes – Kidding Around Yoga has its own DVD! The DVD has 12 different songs…Perfect for a rainy day, for when the kids are inevitably “bored,” for a fun play date, or for yoga anytime!

E- ENERGIZING: It’s impossible to NOT feel energized after a KAY class. And it’s such positive energy!

F- FUN: Have I mentioned yet how fun it all is? The training, the classes, the games, the songs…

G- GAMES: There are a ton of games that you can incorporate into a Kids’ Yoga Class. Toe-Ga; Zip, Zap, Zop; and Sherlock OMMMMs—just to name a few!

H- HARIS Lender: AKA Momma KAY, started this whole wonderful thing…Thank you!

I- INNER CHILD: (see TEACHER TRAINING) I walked into my teacher training a tired 43-year-old, and left feeling like a happy, energetic eight-year-old! Seriously, I probably skipped out of the studio! If you haven’t seen your inner child in a while, I absolutely know where she is hiding. Sign up for a teacher training, and you’ll meet her there. She’s been waiting patiently.

J- JOY: is what I experience when I look around a class I’m teaching and see kids who are excited to learn, and when I see a child relaxed and totally blissed out during Secret Garden. It’s also what I feel when I get feedback later about kids who go home and incorporate what they’ve learned in class into their daily lives. They are spreading the peace!  

K- KIDS: Let’s face it – there would be no Kidding Around Yoga without the kids! Kids need to manage their stress just as much as the rest of us. Yoga is such a beautiful part of life. It’s a gift we can give our children so they can grow up making healthy, peaceful choices in life.

L- LOVE. (Nothing else needs to be said here!)

M- MUSIC: KAY has a TON of its own music. You can purchase it here and you can also get it for free when you take the training. Warning: the songs are impossibly catchy—you WILL find yourself singing them all day long!

N- NAMASTE: The light in me greets the light in you.

O- OKAY: stands for Online Kidding Around Yoga—now there’s no excuse to NOT take the teacher training!

P- PRANAYAMA: Breathwork is such an important part of the yoga experience, and such a simple way to relieve stress. You can’t breathe deeply and feel anxious at the same time. KAY teaches children to relieve stress through breathing…anytime, anywhere.

Q- QUIET: There’s jumping and dancing around, silly games, and lots of laughing. And then…quiet. Toward the end of class is the Secret Garden (Savasana), and it’s a lovely thing to behold. The children really love it (and so do their parents!).

R- REWARDING: From the fun you have during class to that glowing feeling you have after class (whether teacher or student), plus the benefits for your heart, mind, and body—every KAY class is rewarding in so many ways.

S- STRESS MANAGEMENT: Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they’re immune to the daily stressors in life. Kidding Around Yoga is stress management for kids!

T- TEACHER TRAINING: (see INNER CHILD) Teacher trainings are offered in cities all around the US, and even outside the US – there’s likely one near you.  I can promise it will change your life! (P.S. You don’t need to be a certified yoga teacher to become a KAY teacher!)

U- UNION: Yoga is the union of body and mind through breath and movement.

V- VARIETY: There is such a variety of songs, games, and poses to choose from when designing a class that no two Kidding Around Yoga classes ever have to be the same—but don’t be surprised if the kids ask for their favorites over and over!

W- WALKING MEDITATION: is an activity that can be done indoors or out. It’s a great way to teach mindfulness.

X- EXERCISE: (Sorry, I had to cheat a little here. I tried, but there really are no relevant ‘X’ words I could think of to put here. If you know of one, please share!) With KAY, kids are exercising and having a blast at the same time. What a great message to instill in our children: You can have fun while you’re doing lots of healthy stuff!

Y- YOGA STORIES: This is your time to get creative. There are endless ways to incorporate asana into stories that come to life during class.

Z- ZEN: is another word for mindfulness, meditation, or presence. It’s being in the moment – it reminds us to slow down, be still, and be content in the present.




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