Kidding Around Yoga With Sarah Bly

Fun-filled kids yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for schools, events and more.

About Kidding Around Yoga

Every Kidding Around Yoga class offers a complete, age-appropriate Yoga practice including breathing instruction, relaxation techniques, stretching and strengthening poses, all using fun-filled music, games, and imagination. KAY’s secret is our playfulness, keeping your child motivated, excited, and moving. This is not your typical Yoga class. A KAY class gets children singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, shaking, laughing, hopping, limbo-ing, and storytelling ALL while practicing Yoga to original KAY music.

Kidding Around Yoga classes are a unique opportunity to give your child skills that will provide a sense of balance, calm, and power for years to come.

For further information, check out KAY Global or contact me at I can’t wait to share KAY with you and the little Yogis in your life!

About Sarah Bly


I have been a children’s art teacher for years, with only two intentions in mind each day: making kids laugh, even on a crumby day and to remind them that they are in charge of where their art takes them, with the use of one very important tool: their imagination.

In the spring of 2016 I discovered Kidding Around Yoga, and took my training that summer. I have been hooked ever since, and my life has been so much richer since I have joined the KAY family.  Last summer I went to Camp Kay in Florida, and it was the best week of my life. I will be sad to miss it this year.

When I discovered Kidding Around Yoga it was the perfect fit for me. Kidding around, and Yoga! 

In my Kidding Around Yoga class, children are given the tools to deal with everyday stresses life brings, while learning that kindness is key. Boys and girls of all ages benefit from the KAY method with original music, games, and sensory play as well as other tools and activities to help children focus their minds and stretch their bodies, all while having loads of fun.


 I received my 200 RYT from InBody Academy in the spring of 2019! Currently I am doing various trainings, and reading loads of books to further my education and focus in yoga and mindfulness with children. Right now I am having a lot of fun doing Loose Parts Play in my classes. This makes me so happy, and the kids learn a lot from this method.

Class Schedule

Salt Lake Public Library 2019-2020 Schedule
-I will be at each branch once a month-
Sweet Library  – 1st Tuesday at 3:30
Marmalade Library – 2nd Tuesday  3:30
*Day-Riverside Library – 3rd Tuesday 11:00
*With a craft provided by the library
Anderson Foothill Library  – 4th Monday at 3:30
The first, second and fourth Tuesdays of each month I will host family classes at the Sugar Space Play Cafe at 11:30
– Entrance to the cafe is only $2 and class is $8 per child. 

Birthday Parties




I did a Birthday Party this past weekend (Jan 5th, 2019) and here is a message from the parent:


Thank you so much for helping us create a magical and movement-filled birthday for my daughter on Saturday afternoon. She absolutely loved it! Ahhhh-she loves you and yoga so much!

Girl Scouts


In search of more Girl Scout Troops. Please tell your friends. I have a fun patch you can get for a yoga class, and then it only takes a few more steps to earn the badge. Message me for details.

Yoga Crafts

Yoga Buddies are a fun craft we do in classes sometimes. 

McGillis Afterschool Program



Salt Lake Public Schools

I have taught a handful of classes in the public schools here in Salt Lake. 

-Nibley Park Elementary

-Liberty Elementary

-Emerson Elementary

-Indian Hills Elementary

-Morningside Elementary

-Mary Jackson Elementary

-McGillis Elementary

If your child goes to a public or charter school please pass my information along to their teacher or principal. I would LOVE to come and do a class in your Childs classroom. 

Contact Me


Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
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