There comes a time where you need to travel on the road for work or simply for fun. Either way, if it´s a long road trip, it is not very comfortable to just be sitting. I mean we can listen music or watch a movie if you are passenger. What happens in our body if we are in the same position for many hours? It doesn’t take long for the body to experience:

– Increase of blood pressure.
– Pain in your back, hips, shoulders and neck.
– Loss of natural curve in spine and aggravation of discs and sciatic nerves

Often, kids don´t even consciously feel these things, but their body is effected. So maybe if you are planning a long drive or maybe a road trip became longer than you expect, try a few yoga postures to stretch out and feel better. It is not necessary to make a stop to get out of the car and do some poses. It will be better, but it is not necessary. You can try some postures while you are sitting.

Here are some yoga poses you can try inside the car:

a) Shoulder Rolls: You need to sit up straight, relax your shoulders and move them in circles to the front a few times and then to back.

b) Neck: Move in circles your neck slowly, breathing in while the chin is down and breathe out while the chin is up. You can try 5 circles each side.

c) Spinal twist: Take the back of your hand and place it the seat approximately in the middle of your spine. With your hand in place behind you, slowly turn toward that arm as far back as possible. So if your right hand is on your back, rotate your body so that your left shoulder is turning to the right and put your left hand over your right knee. Then repeat it on the opposite side.

d) Just Breathe: You can take a few minutes with eyes closed if you are not the one driving and inhale slowly to the count of four, then exhale to the count of four.

Get the kids involved by counting one through four on your fingers for the inhale. Then switch hands and exhale while counting one through four. That is also a mini-mindful exercise. Remember them that it needs to be calm and slow.

Here are some poses you can try outside the car:

a) Hands on the car: This is like a downward dog without touching the floor, just put your hands on the car and stretch your back and legs that way you can relief the tension in your back.
b) Ragdoll: Forward fold by just letting your back, shoulders and neck roll down, like you have no bones. Feel free to move a little bit so you can release everything.
c) Dancer: You don´t have to make the complete dancer if you can´t just pull up your legs so they can feel the stretch in the muscles.
d) Just breathe: Take in a deep deep breathe to inhale, wait a few seconds, and exhale. You will feel awesome after all of this!

So now you can incorporate these little tips to your trips! Trust me – you will feel less tired and stressed!

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