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Have a Yoga Pajama Party

Children love themed yoga classes! One of my favorite requests is for a pajama party. My yoga classes love putting on their comfy PJs and bringing in their favorite stuffed animal! Here’s what you need to have a fun PJ Party Yoga class:

Fun Digital Flyer: Promote your upcoming themed class through Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to mention to wear PJs and bring your favorite stuffed animals. Promote your class as a “Date Night” for the parents – they’d love a night out.

Pajamas: Wear your favorite PJs, too! Children love when you have fun and dress up with them.

Stuffed Animals: Have the children bring their favorite stuffed animal from home and practice belly breathing! With the children resting on their back, they place their furry friend on their belly and watch it move up and down with the breath. Explain to the kids that it is important notice their belly rise and fall while their favorite stuffed animal rides like a wave on their belly.

Lavender Eye Pillow Art Activity: To set the tone of fun and relaxation, I set up an art activity as the children walk in. Create a lavender eye pillow with a large crew sock, rice, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil, and fabric markers to decorate. Add a few drops of the essential oil to the rice before your class starts. Kids open their sock, fill it with the scented rice, a few flowers and tie a tight knot at the open end. They can then use the eye pillow during savasana. You can also keep the pillows in the freezer for hot days or boo-boos. You can find more relaxing art activities here.

Blankets: I bring blankets for children to use as props during restorative yoga poses and for savasana. They love when you cover them with blankets while they are creating their own secret gardens! Don’t have a bunch of blankets? Have them bring their own.

 Restorative Yoga Poses: Teach your favorite restorative poses. My classes love restorative poses and it gives them tools to help self regulate at home! My favorites are Legs up the Wall, Supported Fish, and Supine Butterfly. Looking for more restorative postures for kids? Kidding Around Yoga has a blog article about that!

Mindful Dessert: Bring dark chocolate and practice the art of mindful eating. Always check for allergies!

Have fun at your very own Yoga PJ party with your family, class, or friends!


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