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The Yoga Glow

I have only been teaching Kidding Around Yoga for a few weeks now, but after EVERY SINGLE CLASS, I am on such a high for the rest of the day! And guess what? On the days that I’m teaching a class (four days per week), I wake up on the same high too!

Sharing yoga with children is such a blessing, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than to see nine young yogis laying in their Secret Gardens. Just today I had a class; we were getting towards the end, and my little girls were laying in their Secret Gardens with the biggest smiles on their faces. As we approached the point of ten minutes left, I gently prompted them to roll onto their left sides when they were ready to come back from their sacred place. A minute passes with no movement. Another minute passes and they are still all lying with great big smiles on their faces, and ‘Beanie Babies’ gently rising and falling on their tummies.

My heart is filled with joy from watching these kids at their most peaceful state! I want to let them rest here all day long, but I see parents curiously peeking in the window to our colorful classroom and am brought back to the reality that I must wrap things up soon or else there might be trouble in paradise.

Following the outline, we finish class, and all my students are as tranquil as a pond on a windless evening. After rolling up our mats, girls are coming up to me left and right, hugging me and thanking me for class today. One girl, whom I hadn’t taught before, stays after and asks if she can help me pack up and carry my gear from the classroom.


Just this simple act, after hearing about the importance of our Karma Yoga, almost has me in tears. She tells me that she is visiting from West Virginia and if she can, she will come next week as well. Her father is waiting patiently outside and looks so surprised to see us walking out together, her carrying my mat and notebook. I tell him what a great daughter he has and he responds telling me he has never seen her this calm. It is a magical moment to watch her hug him and say she cannot wait to take another yoga class.

Walking home from class and I am elated! Not only did I have new students today, but they actually got it! There is nothing in this world more important than teaching future generations the important tools they will need when they grow up, especially the ability to act with kindness and generosity towards others. I believe above all the physical aspects of yoga teachings, kids will pick up on the positive energy and kindness radiating out of their teacher.

They are so susceptible to any and every being’s energy that we, as teachers, have the most amazing responsibility to be a positive, peaceful, trustworthy friend and mentor. Greater even than the gift that we as teachers have to share with our students, is what we get out of it. Not only the elated feeling after a class, but also the fact that there is just so much to be discovered about ourselves when working side by side with children. Without words, they will teach us the true meaning of kindness, the reality of the benefits of complete openness to new things, and how to wholly enjoy the present moment.

I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with others and every morning wake up wondering what amazing thing a child will teach me today!

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