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10 Reasons to NOT Practice Yoga:

After teaching Yoga to people from 2 to 92 for the last eight years, I have compiled a list of reasoyoga-1145678_640ns to NOT practice yoga…and why those reasons are just excuses.

1. I can’t touch my toes!
Guess what? Most people come to yoga stiff and tight, and many may never reach their toes. The beauty of yoga is that it is not a sport and there is no competition. As you focus on your own body and space, you’ll see (and feel!) the difference, even after one practice. Plus, we send kids to kindergarten even when they can’t read, right?

2. I don’t want to buy equipment. 
All you need for a complete yoga practice are comfortable clothes, a beach towel, and (maybe) a mat. That’s it! If you are looking to buy a mat, try Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Five Below. You can usually grab one for less than $10.

girls-839809_6403. Isn’t yoga just for vegan, granola, tree-hugger types?
Yoga used to have this hippie voo-doo reputation, but today it is mainstream. It’s been around for about 5,000 years, so it’s not just a trendy fad, either.

4. I don’t have the time.
Did you have time today to scroll through Facebook and watch YouTube videos of cats? Then I think you have an hour to spend getting strong, flexible and centered.

5. I tried yoga once. I didn’t like it.
I read a book once and didn’t like it. So guess what? I read a different book, and liked it! Weird. Each yoga class is different. Each teacher is different. Each style is different. And each day your body is different. Give it another shot!

6. I can’t be still.
If you can’t be still, you NEED a yoga practice. That’s the point of yoga22574108122_084ebdf36e_z. You work your body to allow it to be still. And once your body is still, your mind will find a quiet space, too.

7. I’m too tired.
Good news! The postures and breath work in a yoga class build a quiet energy that can last for hours. Plus, many people sleep better after a yoga class, too.

8. I’m too out of shape.
You know who is in shape? People who practice yoga! You’ll work on balancing strength and flexibility. With a regular practice you’ll tune into your body and what it needs. It may influence your eating/drinking/sleeping habits, too. Your yoga practice might sneak into your daily life.

Kidding Around Yoga Stafford

Kidding Around Yoga Stafford

9. I’m afraid people will laugh at me.
That’s why we call it a yoga “practice”, not a yoga “performance”. No one is expecting a CirqueDu Soleil show (at least I hope not – I’m not ready for my debut!). Chances are we’ll lose our balance and fall, make weird noises moving into poses, and giggle when we feel awkward. Good thing laughing is good for your core, right?

10. The dog ate my mat.
Really? Then you can use mine.


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