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Yoga and Blood Circulation in Children

*Today’s guest blogger is Vineetha Reddy, a writer, yogi, and healthy food advocate. Follow her on Twitter (@rk_vin) and Facebook (

Parents always try to get their children the best of everything. For growing children, a balanced diet along with regular exercise is essential for reaching their full physical 25648634665_015397d48d_zpotential. And, with extra pressure from schools and more and more time being devoted to getting good grades, studies have shown that children are more stressed now than they had been over the past few decades. Add to that their over-reliance on technology! Yoga has been shown to calm the mind and regulate the bodily functions. Therefore, you can see why yoga makes sense for your child.

 Yoga, the ancient Indian practice, has a legion of followers. Some practice it for its spiritual roots and believe that it helps bring them closer to God. Others love it because it helps them discover themselves. Meditation, a part of yoga, helps them work on what they can control rather than focusing their energy on things that are beyond their control. They swear by its relaxing, soothing effect on both mind and body. There are others who choose yoga as their preferred weight loss tool. Yoga is quite rigorous, and if done with enough intensity helps reduce fat. It is also great for improving flexibility.

 For a growing child, all these benefits are very useful. However, the biggest benefit it provides is improving the blood circulation. Increased blood flow is good for your heart, muscles, and arteries. It ensures that blood infused with oxygen reaches the most critical areas right on time. For example, this is important if you’re in a sprint race. Your legs will move faster with the increased blood flow.

25529846162_2e25cf3d3d_zThere is also increased blood flow to vital organs. Yoga has a massaging effect on your abdomen, where most of your vital organs are located. These factors ensure the better functioning of your body.

 Improved blood circulation through yoga also has the added benefit of boosting the immune system. Some children tend to fall sick more often than others. A weak immune system contributes to this as their body can’t defend itself against common viruses. No parent wants to see their child sick. Practicing yoga for 30 minutes three to four times a week is all it takes to boost your child’s immunity.

 Through its asanas, yoga helps your cardiovascular system by pumping more blood to vital areas. For a child, this means increased energy levels and better concentration, which will also help them with their studies. It is also great for their skin. The healthier their skin is, the more resistant it is to bacteria and other viral infections that they may come across. Finally, yoga ensures that your child’s body is free of harmful toxins. Improved blood circulation helps flush out pollutants and chemicals. With all the junk that children eat21912549735_3306f8a7e5_z nowadays and the amount of processed sugars and fats they consume, it’s important for them to detox to stay in top physical condition.

 Wow! Did you know just how beneficial yoga was for your child? Its impact on blood circulation is really remarkable. So, enroll your child in classes or make it a family activity. Happy Parenting!


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