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Yoga In Bed

sleeping-1159279_1920When we yogis say you can practice yoga from anywhere, we mean it! One place where you can most definitely fit in a little yoga is from your bed.  It helps kick-start your energy in the morning or conversely, calm your nighttime anxiety in the evening.  It benefits your body and your mind, and the kiddos will have a great time.  Because there is no stress of getting your mats out, changing clothes, or setting up your normal soundtrack, you can just let your spontaneity take over and really practice in the present.  It brings yoga back to the basics, even if it is a bit unorthodox.

              Before you get ready in the morning and become entrenched in those hustled early-morning routines, take a moment to take a deep breath, set some positive intentions, and begin stretching. If you’d like to have a bonding moment with your kiddos before you guys part ways for the day (or before they hit their high-octane stage if you aren’t parting ways!), have them join you for yoga and cuddles!  Now is a great time to introduce positive morning routines and self-care.  It’s a great way to combat negative self-talk and builds goal-making skills too! 

              Some21289923953_400910a28f_z great asanas (poses) to work on from the bed include twisted root, knees-to-chest, fish, cat/cow, child’s pose, and neck/shoulder rotations.  These simple poses can slowly build the energy you’ll need throughout the day! Light stretches help to loosen tight muscles from a long night of immobilization and sleep.  They help metabolic function as well as mental/cognitive function. Just as it’s important to have a healthy breakfast, so it is to have a positive start for the body and mind.

              If you’d prefer to practice in the evening, you could do the same poses in reverse, you could choose one pose to practice, or you could apply some restorative principles.  If you’d like to work on one pose, long-held hip openers are beneficial, particularly if you spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day.  Poses such as yogic sleep, butterfly, pigeon, and frog are meant to be held for an extra few breaths to allow the body to stretch more deeply through each breath.  They are relaxing and encourage the mind to become more meditative.  If however, you have hip problems or just don’t like Yin-inspired poses, an evening restorative is a great alternative and is really easy to do in bed as all your necessary materials are right next to you! Restorative poses to try include legs up the wall, supine butterfly, assisted fish, and of course, savasana.  In all poses, use an ample amount of blankets and pillows so that the poses are more passive and less active-just the way you want to be before bed!22444598055_84ec09002b_z

It’s amazing to think that we can practice yoga from bed.  It’s absolutely comforting to know that if you don’t have time to go to a class or if you just want to incorporate more yoga into your day, it’s as easy as counting sheep.  And the best part? You and your kids can enjoy yoga-in-bed together; just be careful, otherwise it might turn into a pillow fight!



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