Mazel Tov! If you are on this page you are already moving in the right direction. Kids Yoga is peaking right now in America and you will be on the cutting edge when you bring Yoga Yeladim into your facility and share this amazing program with your kids. Yoga Yeladim (YY) takes the KAY system and infuses Jewish shtick, songs, stories, meditations and breathing practices into the class.

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What is the Yoga Yeladim Commercial License?

When you purchase a yearly agreement for $550 (or $50 per month) you will then have:

  • Access to OYY (Online Yoga Yeladim) for ALL staff members in your facility
  • Permission to use our Yoga Yeladim and Kidding Around Yoga logos in any manner that you see fit to market your classes
  • One free Online Kidding Around Yoga training per year (value: $450)
  • Access to Online Kidding Around Yoga at $250 per student (A $145 savings! OY SUCH A DEAL!)
  • A Facebook teachers’ forum to discuss issues, challenges and ideas with everyone on your staff
  • Yoga Yeladim Music

Wanna Host a Training?

Host a KAY training that is open to the public at your facility.

  • In exchange for the use of a room (min size 1,000 sq ft) we will train two of your teachers for free.
  • The fee for your non-freebies will be $450 per teacher (regular tuition is $650 per person).

Upon completion of the training, your teachers will be certified Kidding Around Yoga instructors (for the general public) PLUS Yoga Yeladim instructors for your facility. Mazel Tov! Your facility will then be able to offer all sorts of classes and programs, including: Kids Yoga classes, Bubbie & Me Yoga, Day Camps, Birthday Parties, Parents Nights Out, and more!

Sign us up!

  1. Click for a copy of the Yoga Yeladim Commercial Agreement to print out and read.
  2. Click to sign the Yoga Yeladim Commercial Agreement online and make your payment.
  3. Fill out our Host a Training form if you would like to arrange a live training at your facility.
  4. CONTACT US with any questions.
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