Yoga Yeladim – Yoga With a Jewish Twist! (Pun Intended)

yoga Yeladim

About Yoga Yeladim

Yoga Yeladim (YY) is the only Jewish Kids Yoga program in the country! It is the ultimate fusion of Jewish learning, body awareness and spiritual understanding all rolled up into a Yoga mat.  It provides teachers tools to incorporate Yoga and meditation with a Jewish curriculum. Whether you practice Yoga daily or simply like wearing Yoga pants, THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU! No previous knowledge of Yoga is necessary to successfully use this program. Children learn the poses, breathing practices, moral behavior, how to meditate, and so much more through this unique and high energy class.



The Story Behind Yoga Yeladim

What happens when your 3 greatest teachers are Murray Lender, Swami Satchidananda, and Rabbi Gelberman? Yoga Yeladim! When Haris’ daughter’s 4th grade hebrew school teacher left unexpectedly, being a Jewish Yoga teacher with an innate creative genius, Haris filled in and began teaching what would eventually become YY. 13 years later, Haris has taken all she developed over the course of many years and created this unique program, a branch of her pre-existing Kids Yoga company, Kidding Around Yoga. Click here to learn more about Haris Lender.


Yoga Nagila

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