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Namaste KAY Trainees

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Haris and I am the founder of Kidding Around Yoga. I am very blessed to have wonderful trainers out there helping me spread the love all over the world and we’re so happy that you’ve chosen to take our training.

Please read through this whole letter… there is a lot of important information included.

Poses/Asana Covered

Since WE DO NOT REQUIRE A BACKGROUND IN YOGA, we highly recommend that you take some yoga classes before the training. KAY offers an online introduction to yoga course with a special discount for our students, it’s a great course to get you started. Use the discount code “KAYstudent” at checkout to receive 25% off. Click HERE to familiarize yourself with the poses we will focus on.

Harini Haris Lender smiling

OKAY (Online Kidding Around Yoga)

As you know, the first part of your training is all done online.

You need to finish the first TWO online training modules before attending the live training. This is an important part of the training. We recommend waiting until after your live training to view the additional training modules so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

If the two modules are not completed by the end of the 2nd day of your live training, you will not be eligible to earn your certificate on that day. Instead, your trainer will tell you how to obtain it when you have completed the first two modules. The time it takes to complete all modules depends on your yoga experience. It varies between 6-10 hours.

You will have access to the online course for 5 months after the date you registered so you could go back and refer to it whenever you wish. If you’re really serious about making a career out of yoga, we recommend joining our OKAY Plus or Licensee Program. You will have the opportunity to join these programs throughout the course.

If you run into any problems, email us and we’ll be happy to help!

Join our Facebook Event

Share your excitement. Find hotels or a roommate. Chitchat. Join the Facebook event for this training and start making friends right away. You’ll also have easy access to all the details about parking at the location, nearby facilities and other helpful information.

Facebook Events Page

Other info…

TIME: Please be aware that we have a lot to cover in these sessions. We appreciate you being prompt and ready to go at the beginning of each day as well as after lunch, bathroom and water breaks.

MUSIC: Everyone will get the music to download in the OKAY program.

MEALS: We take a short lunch break on the first day. Pack a lunch as we may have to work through lunch on the second day.

PACKING LIST: Check out the WHAT TO BRING page of our website.

Community & Family Class

On one of the days of your training (usually the 2nd day) there will be a FREE, open to the community, Family Yoga class for you to participate in. All ages are welcome.

There’s nothing better than a full community yoga class, so please share the Family Class event with all of your friends, family and community members. Details of the Family Yoga class can be found in the main Facebook event.

*Be aware that depending on current safety protocol at the time of your training, the community class may be open only in a virtual setting. Details will be provided in the FB event.

Your trainer will contact you with location specific information including information about parking and nearby facilities, you can also see those details on the event page for the training. If you have any other questions please reach out to or post a comment or question on the Facebook event page.

We can’t wait to “kid around” with everyone!


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