Baby & Toddler Yoga: Tiny KAY

Learn calming, soothing, playful and insanely fun methods to share the science of yoga with the littlest ones in your life. This program is for everybody who wants to introduce yoga to babies – preschool aged kids. While designed for working KAY yoga teachers, this online training will also be great for moms, babysitters, grandparents, and everybody who wants to bond with 0-4 year olds in a yogic way. Our training is based on the wildly popular Kidding Around Yoga style of Kids Yoga and fits seamlessly into our class outline. 

Tiny KAY is a 6-hour training that you can do in the comfort of your home. This will help you spice things up in your toddler and Mommy & Me classes while also realizing some OM-AZING behavior and stress management results. The course is filled with creative activities and a variety of infant postures, plus, there are modifications on traditional yoga poses that mommy and baby can do together. AND you get to keep this course indefinitely!

Baby and Toddler Yoga/Tiny KAY: 6 non-contact CEUs with Yoga Alliance

kids yoga teacher training  Baby and Toddler Yoga

Here’s what you will learn:
  • Babies: massages, activities, partner poses and more
  • Toddlers: meditation, music, partner poses and more
  • Mommies: sun salutations, pranayama, and bonding time with baby
  • Music Included!* We have our very best Kidding Around Yoga music geared for babies and toddlers. Each song gets those kids up and dancing, moving and grooving. For infants, this type of music has been shown to help in language development. Of course, there is nothing better than some FUN active songs to get the wiggles out.

*As a KAY teacher who has taken either a live 2-day or OKAY training, you already have the music offered in this training. Here we have selected the best music for preschool children specifically to help guide you with this age group.


There are six learning modules covering information about games, music, breathing and meditation techniques, and yoga poses, all for your littlest yogis. Your progress is tracked as you move through the training and you can return to any completed lesson at any time. The course will not lose your place. And all links in the training will open up a new tab or window, so don’t be afraid to click. There will be a lot of photos and short videos of Haris and other Kidding Around Yoga graduates teaching different components with children and babies. At the end you will be given your certificate of completion to download and you will be prepared to share Tiny KAY with all the toddlers and babies in your community.

Tiny KAY DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER. If you would like to become a certified Kids Yoga instructor we offer two great options:

  • Take a Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) 2 day LIVE training.
  • Or take our ONLINE training, (OKAY). *Either of these options WITH the addition of Tiny KAY will give you the tools to teach a full Mommy & Me or preschool yoga class.

Mommy & Me classes are very popular and are a great way to add new students to your business. Plus, the toddlers grow into children quickly and will fill your classes for years to come. The moms, and occasional dads, have tons of fun and love learning new ways to bond with their infants while meeting like minded parents of similar aged children. Classes can grow quickly!

Tiny KAY is only $75. And if you are a Kidding Around Yoga licensee, you get the discounted price of $54.


Please note, we are unable to process refunds for this online course once your transaction has been completed. You may take the online training at your convenience from your own home, and your registration will not expire.

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The cost of Tiny KAY is $75 ($54 for KAY licensees).

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“My daughter is a born yogi. Even while she was in my belly I was practicing yoga daily so it’s no wonder she embraced her role in my daily yoga practice postpartum. She gets excited and sometimes even “squeals” when she sees me roll out my mat. I use her as a weight in my lunges, hold her in Warrior 3, lay her under me as I did Downward Dog; and she particularly loves to watch me do anything on my hands that takes me upside down! Recently, I did some twists with her and the Book BLISS—she LOVED it! I laid her on her back while changing her and did the BLISS with her feet and arms. When I stopped, she stuck her feet back up at me as if to say, “more, Mommy.” Of course I obliged, and she giggled. Then she even tried to reach for her feet and do it! Soo cute. I love that my daughter will have a love for yoga from only a few months old to carry with her throughout life. It warms my heart, and the value of these tools and precious time with her is immeasurable.”
-Katie, WV
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