Street Team

How would you like to help us marketing the training in your area? If so, you will become our Street Team and get a HUGE discount for all of your efforts. One person isn’t really a team, but you will become a part of OUR team in marketing your training. You MUST live in the city that your training takes place in.

You will receive the training for 24% off, and in exchange you will need to:

  • Have the flyer for your training printed at a local printer.
  • Connect with the studio to join efforts in marketing.
  • Post flyers EVERYWHERE around the town.
  • Join local yoga, moms, community groups on Facebook and other social media sites and promote there.
  • Promote the training event and the free family class event on Facebook.
  • Join and promote in groups there.
  • Post training link and memes on your own personal social media accounts.
  • Possibly host and/or drive our trainer if needed.
  • Post on Craigslist.

We will ask you to post photos of some of what you are doing. Please share these photos on Social Media as well.

This is first come first served. There is only 1 slot available per training. If this is something you are interested in, follow the steps below.

To get started:

  1. Email with the following (pick and choose what you are willing to do):

    I am interested in becoming the Street Team for __DATE___ training at ___CITY/STATE/COUNTRY___. I have

    • –list your social media accounts–

    accounts where I will post, share and link to KAY. I understand that I will receive a file for the flyer from you, and I will take it to a local printer to print 50-200 flyers to distribute:

    • –list of locations–

    I will connect with –name of training location– to join their marketing efforts. I will post the training event and the free family class event on Facebook. If needed, I am happy to host and/or drive my trainer. Is there a spot available?

    If there is a spot open, we will give you your discount code.

  3. Click on the Register button for your chosen training.
  4. Under “Checkout Options” make sure to enter your discount code into the field.
  5. Register and Pay.
  6. Contact your Trainer and get started marketing! Email us if you need anything.
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