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The Secret Garden

Anxiety and stress are very genuine and present dangers to our children. Learning to listen to their bodies and relax are important life skills. Many families are back to school and picking up their routines again. This can mean over-scheduled, over-caffeinated driving from piano to soccer and eating a quick meal on the go.

Children and adults are living in a constant state of going and doing. In the study of yoga this is one of the three Gunas or attributes of nature; Rajas which means over-active. The other two Gunas are Sattva (balanced or light) and Tamas (inactive and dark). Living this way can create dis-ease allowing us to forget about being in the present moment with our loved ones and society.

Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) has three amazing songs that can help create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and balance for both adults and children The Secret Garden, In the Secret Garden (Instrumental), and, my family’s personal favorite, Garden Dreams (Instrumental).

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Inspired by my grandma and my mom, who taught me the art of crocheting, I began crafting beautiful butterflies to incorporate into my KAY classes. After we have patted, shaken, and moved every part of our bodies, we get to relax in the Secret Garden. As the children settle in, I promise the arrival of a butterfly that will accompany them if they become completely still. Very often, this is the most beloved part of the class for adults and children. Some will ask to keep the butterfly. Or I hear, ”Can you teach me to make one?”  I am overflowing with gratitude about being a witness to the spark of creativity in the eyes of my KAY students.

“We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” ~ Maya Angelou












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