OKAY is an online kids Yoga training certification geared towards folks who love children and want to bring them peace and enjoyment in the world of Yoga. We have ~70 asanas/poses that we expect for you to know/learn in order to be able to teach a KAY class. Many of them are in our songs and some of them are just so beneficial to your students that you will want to know them. They will be covered in the online training. But you can click HERE to see the list.

    1. Love children and want to share Yoga with them.
    2. You have 3-month unlimited access to the course and you will always have our online forum for additional support from our amazing network of 4,000 teachers around the world. For more resources and full access, you may want to consider OKAY Plus, where you’ll get a treasure trove of KAY resources to use in your classes and to develop your business.
    3. You must have a strong internet connection, the ability to Skype, record, and upload videos of yourself doing/teaching what you learn.
    4. You are required to have or make a Facebook Account even if it’s in a fake name. All of your questions and will be posted in this forum. And if you want to graduate, you need to be in the forum in order to contact the mentors.
    5. If you have all of the above and have made the final decision to take our online training, your next step is to REGISTER and then PAY.
    6. The price is $395. Once you sign up, you get the golden ticket. What is the golden ticket? You have to sign up to see!


There are 4 modules. Each module contains a dozen or so lectures covering all of our topics from games and music to the business of Yoga and the 8 limbs. There will be a lot of short videos of Haris and other Kidding Around Yoga trainers teaching different components. There will also be plenty of FUN song breaks. You will move through each unit one at a time and be given a small quiz at the end of each. Once you pass the quiz, you may move onto the next unit. And you will share what you’ve learned via the Facebook forum. You are also free to request a Skype session with one of the forum mentors. At the end of the program, you will either video yourself or Skype with a mentor in order to teach an entire Kidding Around Yoga class in 30 minutes. Don’t worry! We will guide you.

Throughout the program, you will have access to the Facebook forum where you will have discussions with the mentors, Haris, and other trainees. The more involved you are, the more you will learn.

At the end, you will be sent your certificate and you will be prepared to share Kidding Around Yoga with all the youngsters in your community. To see what else you will gain after you complete the training, click HERE.

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