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Being Present with Your Children

13094126254_c80da61a94_kBe in Love with your children! Deepen your connection with them by spending quality time. There is such a misconception on what quality time truly signifies. I have learned that spending time with my child is much more than just being physically present.

Quality time with our children, our beautiful creations, is all about being present with our mind, body, and soul in that very moment. Being present heightens our sense of awareness and enables us to immerse ourselves in our child’s smile, words, and love!
Here are 4 Simple Steps which helped me on my journey to become a Mindful Parent:

*Do not bring outside stressors home to your children. Make it a rule to leave your adult issues at the door. Instead of focusing on all the things that are not going right, think of all the blessings you do have–like your children! When I focus on my daughter’s smile, all my worries fade away. It’s amazing what joy children can bring us if we allow them. When we focus on negative factors, we are not allowing ourselves to truly enjoy our children. Our thoughts are more powerful than we want to believe, and actually create our reality. This is why I choose to focus on all the blessings in my life, no matter how small. Focusing on your blessings is a simple way of expressing gratitude and it creates positive vibrations in our life. In turn, you will be a happier person, your children will pick up that energy, and they will in turn get the best part of you!

*Practice quieting your mind to release stress. Recently, I have found an effective and immediate way to relieve my stress. Whenever I have feelings of anxiety, stress, and/or mental exhaustion, I close my eyes and repeat to myself, “Peace Begins with Me”. I repeat this phrase over and over. I immediately start to feel a major relief as whatever I was allowing to stress me out fades away.  I have practiced this countless times and it’s amazing how fast it works. Once you do this, you will be ready to give your children the best part of yourself.

9204528024_241debf732_o*Household Chores Can Wait! Do you ever feel like you do not have enough time in the day? Or you feel like all you have time is for house chores and cleaning. Well guess what? House chores are not going anywhere, and they will wait for you! This one step took me a while to learn. Once I became a parent, I had to de-program myself, learn how to let go, and be ok with not having a permanently spotless and organized home. I will be honest, I LOVE it! I love spending more time with my daughter than doing chores.

*Turn Off the Television. There is a reason for calling it television programming: it’s addictive, time consuming, and creates unhealthy habits. Children need and truly crave family time. Instead of sitting in front of the television with your children, take this time to interact with each other, learn about each other, and to love each other. Those are things television programming cannot do or teach your family!

*Practice yoga with your children. It’s not something that you have to force on them. My little 3 year old calls yoga “Fun Time” and she reminds me on a daily basis. Kids Yoga is more than just doing poses with your children. With songs like the ones by Kidding Around Yoga, I am able to teach my little one how to meditate, practice mindfulness and develop her creativity and imagination. It also helps a parent develop a conscious bond with their child, no matter their age. Try it! They have many songs and resources for family yoga time!

These small steps made a significant impact in my parenting. They helped me not only bond with my precious daughter but taught me how to be present and truly enjoy and live in the moment. When we are present, it’s such an enlightening experience. One that has allowed me to develop a strong and deep connection with my child’s spirit. It is something you have to experience for yourself. Don’t be surprised if you discover something new not only within them, but within yourself!


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