Episode 7

“Bedtime Struggles?
Mindful strategies to help your family sleep well

Show Notes 

Goodnight! Sleep well! Easier said than done for many of our children, and some of us grown-ups, too.

In this episode, Kelly and Kristi share mindfulness-based tools and strategies for sending your little ones off to dreamland (fuss-free!).

Tune in to:

*connect with the family through a mindful sleep routine

*use mindfulness to tame nighttime anxiety

*practice guided meditations for sleep (and for literacy skills)

*grow your own Peaceful Garden

*breathe mindfully to fall asleep

*explore the science and physiology of mindful bedtime practices

*scan your body to encourage relaxation

*use sensory props to settle into sleep

*create a personalized Relaxation Station

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Peaceful Garden Guided Meditations ebook


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