Episode 24


“Yoga and Child Development Part 1:

The Littlest Yogis, Infants and Toddlers


Show Notes 

You’re never too young to start practicing mindfulness and yoga!

Before a child is even born, they are able to benefit from the sounds and rhythms of a yoga practice – and as they grow, the benefits do, too!

As moms, preschool teachers, and yoga instructors, Kelly and Kristi share their unique insights and experiences with our youngest yogis. Their conversation explores:

  • What we miss when our brain asks, “What’s next?”
  • The effect of practicing mindfulness while pregnant on baby before and after birth
  • Building connections through co-regulation
  • Little yogis’ ability to associate feeling calm with meditation and mindfulness
  • The importance of consistency and repetition
  • Young children’s natural tendency to be fully present
  • Increasing physical literacy
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