Episode 22


“Yoga in Schools Part 2:

Yoga and Physical Education Curriculum


Show Notes 

Physical Education classes (also known as PE or Gym) are the highlight of many children’s days – the opportunity to physically move and take a mental break is understandably needed.

Other kids are not as keen on PE and may feel anxious and timid in PE class.

Kelly and Kristi have a suggestion: Make yoga part of the PE curriculum!

In this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, we discuss:

*Inclusivity in the PE space

*How yoga practices and activities fit easily into a PE curriculum

*Using yoga skills to improve and enhance sports skills and physical literacy

*Celebrity athletes and yoga

*PE teachers unique ability, space, and schedule to actively explore yoga

*Setting up yoga activity stations and yoga-fying traditional games in your PE classes

*Suggestions on how to start making yoga part of your PE classes

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