Episode 20


“Affirmations: A Key to Confidence, Joy, and Peace


Show Notes 

Affirmations are like little magic spells we cast on ourselves to be more confident, more at peace, and more joyful.

But how do they work?

How do we craft a personal affirmation?

And when do we use them?

Join Kelly and Kristi in this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY and learn how to build and use powerful affirmations with the whole family.

Join the conversation to discover:

*What, exactly, is an affirmation?

*How your brain’s natural negative bias influences your mind chatter

*The power of replacing negative self-talk with affirmations

*The process of creating personal affirmations

*Crafting the most beneficial affirmations

*When to use affirmations

*Pairing yoga postures with affirmations

*How to naturally incorporate affirmations into your family’s daily routine

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