Episode 16

“Literature Through a Lens of Mindfulness


Show Notes 

Who doesn’t love wandering through a good bookstore? The enticing titles, the brightly colored covers, the endless adventures that good literature takes us on – the act of reading is a self-care dream!

Kelly and Kristi share some ways to make literature (both reading and writing) part of a mindfulness practice.

In this week’s episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, listen in to learn more about:

Listen in as they explore:

*Reading as an act of mindfulness
*Using read-aloud (with physical movement) to improve focus, memory, and engagement
*Encouraging imagination and building literacy skills by writing stories with yoga pose cards
*Kelly and Kristi’s favorite mindfulness and yoga-based books
*Using guided meditation to encourage creativity and immersion in a story
*How writing is improved through mindfulness practices


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Books/authors mentioned in the podcast:

Kira Willey

I Am Yoga series

Zen Pig series

What the Road Said

Virtual Mini Workshops:

Exploring Yoga Through Children’s Literature 

How to Weave Yoga into Academic Subject Areas

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