Episode 1

“Kidding Around Yoga and Its Creator Haris Lender: Why Kids Yoga?”

Show Notes 

In episode 1 we have the honor of interviewing the founder of Kidding Around Yoga, Haris Lender. Haris tells us about her journey to finding yoga and how she began to bring yoga to children. We talk about how beneficial yoga can be for people of all ages. Haris is a certified Integral Yoga teacher at the 500 level. She has also been certified in Prenatal, Raja, Children’s and Stress Management. Haris lives in St. Pete, FL with her husband, Evan. Since she began spreading the love of Kids Yoga KAY has trained more than 10,000 people across the globe and as a result KAY teachers have delivered classes to more than 1 million children worldwide. The unique program combines the principles of ancient yoga practices with a fun and engaging twist, which is coupled with a series of original music written and performed by Haris and many members of the KAY family.

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Benefits of Yoga for Kids

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