The Online Kidding Around Yoga Course Without the Certification
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OKAY-Lite is is our basic Online Kidding Around Yoga course. You can do it anywhere, anytime.  OKAY-Lite will prepare you in  “The KAY Way” to teach children’s Yoga.  You will learn not just asana… but games, activities, deep relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness.  Then you will learn how to integrate them all into a blissful and high energy class for children of all ages.

This course is perfect for you If you simply want to spice things up with some tips and tricks… maybe you are already a certified kids yoga instructor looking for new material, this is a great plan for you. There will be NO certification, NO handholding, NO testing.. just the goodies and we have a lot of them! 

OKAY-Lite does NOT make you a certified Kids Yoga teacher. If you want to be certified to teach Kids Yoga then head over to the main Online Kidding Around Yoga course page.

What’s the difference?

OKAY (Lite) – NO Certification

OKAY-Lite is our basic OKAY course, this means that you get a ton of content to work through at your own pace. Because there is no mentorship or certification involved with this course, you are not required to complete the course within a specified amount of time.

You have the option to upgrade to either OKAY (Certification) or take a LIVE training, at any time.

Completion of OKAY-Lite does NOT result in a Children’s Yoga teaching certification.

WHO IS OKAY-Lite FOR? Anyone! With a little yoga experience and a desire to share the love of yoga with kids, you have what it takes to be a Kidding Around Yoga teacher. Whether you want to start your own Kids Yoga empire or just impart the benefits of yoga to the children in your life, the OKAY-Lite training will prepare you to lead FUN Kids Yoga classes with extra activities, songs, guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, and deep relaxation. 

HOW DOES OKAY WORK? Follow the online curriculum at your own pace in order to master the amazing KAY method. In no time, you will be teaching your own fabulous Children’s Yoga classes. Included in the program are over 50 original KAY songs with detailed instruction and videos on how to incorporate them into your classes. Kids love this music and all of the moving and grooving, jumping and dancing, sun-saluting, and wild fun it brings, all while doing yoga! Want to know exactly how our training works?  Check out our Sample Training


OKAY Cancellation Policy:

Please note, we are unable to process refunds for this online course once your transaction has been completed. You may take the online training at your convenience from your own home. 

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