Want to become a Kids Yoga Teacher

Due to high demand we have opened another Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training in January!


*Graduates of November 2016

January 07, 2017
11:30 am – 6:30 pm
January 14th, 11:30am – 6:30pm

Studio Naim – Yafo
Shimon Hatsadik 18
Tel Aviv,


2500 NIS one time payment or 840 NIS per month for 3 months

Available Discounts are listed below.

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Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter


General Information

This blended training combines independent learning with two energetic, dynamic days of classroom instruction. Before the training, you will create an account with OKAY – Online Kidding Around Yoga. Here you will find the first two modules. These will prepare you for your intense, fun Two Day Live Training. With your diploma/certificate in hand, you will gain access to the remainder of the online training. This gives you the keys to use and review the massive amount of knowledge you just received in your training. And now you get to keep it for LIFE! That’s right. You will never lose access to OKAY.

All students are required to finish modules One and Two of the OKAY training BEFORE they can receive their certificate. This will take 5ish hours to complete. Please do this before your live training so you, too, can be in the know. It is easier for students and teachers if everyone starts on the same page. Whether you are taking your required 2 modules for your live training or you are taking OKAY, only here is a glimpse of what’s in store for you with our Sample Training.

We love early birds and even offer them a discount, however if you are unable to sign up early, no worries mon! We got you covered. Sign ups are accepted up until the night before the training starts. You will have to wait to receive your certificate (by email) until after you finish the first two modules, but that’s no biggie!

You do NOT need prior Yoga teacher trainings to attend KAY or OKAY trainings. Kidding Around Yoga is designed for anyone who loves to work with kids. With KAY, you can start your own kid-centered Yoga business, enrich your adult classes, bring something special to your academic classroom, or even introduce your own family to the benefits and joys of Yoga. This training can enhance your career and change your life and the lives of all of those beautiful little yogis in your future. Just ask our grads!

Your fee is all inclusive. It gives you access to the lifetime-accessible independent OKAY program. It gives you two exciting days of hands on instruction covering breathing practices, meditation, deep relaxation, asanas, games, activities, arts and crafts, business and marketing, and so much more. It gives you the complete, mastered KAY manual. And just when you think there can’t possibly be anything more, WOW, check it out. You also receive a link to a huge catalog of original Kidding Around Yoga Music. Incorporating Yoga poses and fun cardio activities, this music takes any kids class up a notch. Kids love Kidding Around Yoga, and so will you!


    • Instant access to Online Kidding Around Yoga. Please do complete those first two modules before you arrive at your Live Training.
    • Two Day Live Training: Tons of fun, friends, and a program that will change your life.
    • The Mastered KAY Manual.
    • Over 50 original kids yoga songs.
    • Inclusion in the KAY Facebook Forum: Currently over 1000 members ready to support and share.
    • Access to Teachers’ Resources with more info than you could ever use in one lifetime.
    • Marketing video that will help you show folks who you are and what you do and help you build your business.
    • A discount on Insurance! Kidding Around Yoga Professionals save $20 and Trainees get their first year for only $25: BeYogi Insurance. Insurance is applicable within the United States only and to those professionals who meet the state’s requirements, where applicable, to practice Yoga.
    • LIFETIME access to OKAY following your live training weekend. This site contains your entire training in videos and online modules for you to study after your live training. You will have plenty of time to digest the vast wealth of knowledge you’ve just acquired.

  • And NOT ONE hidden cost or charge. We will, however, take your firstborn… but only to a KAY class!

Optional Licensee agreements are available upon completion of the training. KAY licensees become a part of the KAY family with their own forum, TONS of personal support from Haris and the staff, their own Kidding Around Yoga website, and the opportunity to purchase an assortment of business-building marketing materials. Click here to learn more.

RYS-2001 Kidding Around Yoga is registered through the Yoga Alliance, and certified Yoga instructors can earn CEUs through our program. For more information on CEUs click here.

Discounts & Payment Plans

DISCOUNTS are available below. Click on the discount you are interested.We also do payment plans because we’re yogis and we’re flex-ible like that. Just choose the Monthly fee instead of the One Time fee when registering. But note that you will not receive your certificate until you pay in full.

Meet the Trainer!

Click on the photo to learn more about them.

Nieke Franken

Tel Aviv, Israel Kids Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

  • Games and songs… and MORE games and songs!
  • Easy class planning using our amazing class outline
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Age appropriate activities for 2-17 year olds
  • 80+ asanas appropriate to our songs and games
  • Yogic philosophy, Pranayama, meditation and chanting
  • Tips for Family, Mommy & Me, Babies, Teens, and Classroom Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Teaching Yoga in various environments
  • Physical contraindications of poses
  • Deep relaxation/guided meditation for kids… The Secret Garden
  • How to run a successful kids Yoga business
  • Yoga birthday parties and day camps
  • Observe a family class taught by your trainer
  • Stress management for kids
  • Cookin’ with KAY… fun ways to share healthy eating habits
  • Yog-arts & crafts

And if that’s not enough for you once you graduate from a training live or online you qualify to take advantage of our KAY-tinuing Education Programs where we offer webinars and online trainings on a variety of topics to fine-tune just about anything that could possibly come up in a kids Yoga class. You will also have access to join our FREE Facebook forum full of tons of advice, help, continuing education and support from Haris, our trainees, licensees and trainers!

Poses/Asanas Covered

Since WE DO NOT REQUIRE A BACKGROUND IN YOGA, we highly recommend that you take some Yoga classes before the training. Click HERE to familiarize yourself with the poses we will focus on.

Cancellation Policy

Kidding Around Yoga reserves the right to cancel or reschedule trainings. In case of a cancellation, KAY will offer you alternative training dates, access to our online training program with a mentor to receive the same certificate, or, if you prefer, will refund your payment in full.

If you need to cancel, you will have the option to attend any other KAY training or, instead, you may apply your tuition toward taking our online training program (OKAY). You will not receive a refund and will not be charged any extra fees. Plus you may take the online training at your convenience with a mentor from your own home. You will receive the same certificate from OKAY as you would from our live training.