About Nieke

mind_like_crystal_kids_yoga_5aug15Nieke, A Dutch girl living in Tel Aviv has been teaching Yoga and movement to adults since 2007. By chance Nieke started working with kids in Tel Aviv in 2009 and organically grew into teaching yoga and movement to preschoolers and teens, besides her work as a Yoga teacher to adults. In 2015 Nieke completed her Kids Yoga training with KAY and has been implementing the KAY teachings and philosophy in her kids yoga classes with great success. In 2016 she was trained to be a trainer educating adults to become Kids Yoga Teachers. She has worked with LULU, Rainbow and CityKids and will be able to provide good references.



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Under the guidance and education of KAY, Nieke will offers Teacher Training programs for adults to become Kids Yoga teachers in Tel Aviv and Europe. Click HERE for details of the next training in Amsetrdam on 2&3 September 2017.