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    Champion For Life's Grant Avenue sports center was manned Sunday by several local healthy living vendors doling out information and demonstrations for children and adults alike. True to the theme, children stayed active running about the fitness center, whether it was playing lacrosse in Champion For Life's soccer arena or stretching out with some yoga led by Megan Vitale of Kidding Around Yoga.

  • Charleston Gazette-Mail

    The room was ready — long, narrow yoga mats in tones of purple, orange and blue created bright, orderly rows of rectangles on the floor. In black and white yoga pants and a pink exercise tank top, instructor Kristie Broussard was dressed to bend and stretch with her students. The mood was set — soft sounds of beating drums echoed from a small speaker placed along a side wall. Watch the Video.

  • Orlando Sentinel

    Outside the dance studio at Edgewater High School, tests and homework await. Inside, all is calm. Twenty teenagers sit with eyes closed and legs crossed on yoga mats. “Nice tall spines, girls and boys. Clear your mind. Focus on your breath,” teacher Donna Davis says over the tones of rhythmic music featuring drums and chimes. Schools across Central Florida and around the country are increasingly using yoga to help young people relieve stress and stretch their bodies…

  • The Northern View

    It’s a bit of a trek, but one Prince Rupert citizen now living in Costa Rica is coming home, bringing with her some calmness and serenity. Mandy Lawson, a certified yoga instructor with an extensive background in fitness, and also a Rupertite from birth until age 21, will be running three family yoga sessions at the civic centre by donation. Lawson currently works at a Costa Rican retreat centre teaching yoga and is training in children’s yoga and prenatal yoga. She teaches multiple classes weekly.

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