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  • Kidding Around Yoga to offer children’s yoga teacher trainings

    [caption id="attachment_13818" align="alignleft" width="300"] Kidding Around Yoga at Melrose[/caption] - Kidding Around Yoga will offer children’s yoga teacher trainings on Jan. 21 and 22 at Applewood Preschool, 27 Jackson Road, Devens. Kidding Around Yoga trainings provide adults interested in teaching yoga and stress-management to children the unique skills required for building strength, flexibility and mindfulness. KAY instructors […]

  • Kidding Around Yoga to hold training program

     – Kidding Around Yoga, an international children’s yoga and stress management teacher training program, will stop by Hopkinton, teaching participants skills to improve children’s health, behavior and lives on Oct. 15-16 at Absolute Yoga, 77 W. Main St., Suite 212, Hopkinton.Kidding Around Yoga instructors share games, stories and specially composed music in an effort to […]

  • Stress Management and Kids Yoga Teacher Training

     – Yoga, relaxation, and breathing presented by Kidding Around Yoga Kidding Around Yoga, an international children’s Yoga and stress management teacher training program, will be in Santa Barbara teaching participants skills to improve children’s health, behavior, and lives. Kidding Around Yoga instructors share games, stories, and specially composed music to get children of all ages […]

  • Kidding Around Yoga to host two seminars

     – Kidding Around Yoga, an international children’s yoga and stress management teacher training program, will hold two training seminars at the Carver Recreation Center from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The Kidding Around Yoga classes are intended to teach would-be children’s yoga instructors how to build […]

Press Coverage

  • The Journal

    Yoga teacher gives kids ‘tools to be brave’

    Chrissy Lewin’s four kids played outside in the snow Saturday, while she took a break from her busy schedule as a yoga instructor and second-grade teacher at Rosemont Elementary School. “I have taught children’s yoga for about two years now,” Lewin said, mentioning that she regularly teaches children’s and family yoga classes at The Station in Shepherdstown and Climbing New Heights in Martinsburg. “When I first started years ago, I had only one child, and I went in thinking...

  • Star News Online

    UNCW students teach yoga to kids with disabilities at Freeman

    It wasn’t your typical yoga class. Yes, the students did the downward dog, warrior, tree, and other yoga poses, but they did them to a lively, rap-style song. They also did a yoga limbo. Instead of silence, grins and laughter permeated the room. And, the students weren’t the usual yogis. They were kids with severe and profound disabilities from the Freeman School of Engineering, an elementary school. The class, Accessible Yoga, was a winner not only for the students with special needs but also for the facilitators, students from the University of North Carolina...

  • WPTV - West Palm Beach

    Kidding Around Yoga helps children destress

    Kidding Around Yoga helps children ages 2-17 relax. Watch the video.

  • Jupiter Florida's In Magazine

    Palm Beach Kids Yoga Camp: A Jupiter First

    This summer, children have an opportunity to learn mindfulness, enjoy fun yoga games, practice meditation and engage in yoga postures that teach focus, concentration and determination. Palm Beach Kids Yoga Camp is the brain child of Stephanie Dorr, a local children’s yoga instructor, who has achieved much notoriety from her work with children in several local schools teaching yoga. With a team of six professionally trained yoga instructors...

  • Chicora School of Communications

    Chicora Students Clear Their Mind

    Chicora Art Teacher Melody Herscher teaches her students the art of yoga. So far, the results have been amazing!

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  • About Kidding Around Yoga: Kidding Around Yoga is an international children’s Yoga teacher training company. Online and in-person trainings are available to prepare participants to guide children through classic Yoga, breathing, mindfulness, and meditation practices. KAY’s mission is to change the world, one peaceful child at a time. Contact Kidding Around Yoga at or 855-KID-YOGA.
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