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Meditation as a Path to Acknowledging Feelings

EP. 45 | Meditation as a Path to Acknowledging Feelings

Show Notes

How are you?
No really, how are you?

Actually taking a mindful moment to examine and name our feelings is rare in our busy lives. But acknowledging feelings, whether negative or positive, is key to mental health and full presence in our lives. We want our kiddos to be Feeling Detectives!

Listen in to Kelly and Kristi’s discussion in this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY to learn about:

  • Why kids might be hesitant to explore their feelings
  • Riding the wave of feelings
  • Talking to kids about emotions
  • The power of saying, “Tell me more about that…”
  • Name it to tame it
  • Mindfulness tools to explore emotions
  • The importance of emotion modeling for parents

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