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Kidding Around Yoga

with Wendy B-C

Fun-filled kids yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for schools, parties, events and more, in northern Portugal!

About Me

Hi, I’m Wendy B-C.

I’m a certified Kids Yoga Teacher in Northern Portugal.

Originally starting out as a primary school teaching assistant I trained in Kids yoga to be able to provide fun and engaging activities for the kids in my class.

I offer classes, summer camps and birthday parties. check out my schedule of events below or get in contact for more information.



The Magic of Kidding Around Yoga

When children experience KAY classes, they are not only building physical strength and flexibility, they are learning skills that will provide mental and emotional benefits throughout their lives! The magic of Kidding Around Yoga is our unique class programming. KAY teachers are experts in meeting each child’s needs, providing creative activities, games, songs, and crafts based on traditional yoga and meditation practices.

Our children live in a busy world and KAY classes are an oasis providing a safe place to be creative, move freely, and experience calm. We look forward to being part of your child’s day!

More Information

Current Class Schedule

Monday – 5:00pm – Kids Yoga (ages 6-12) – the Pavillion, Caminha

Tuesday – 7:00pm – Meditation and mindfulness for Mums (adult class) – the Pavillion, Caminha

Wednesday – 6:00pm – Kids Yoga (ages 6-12) – Yoga Studio, Viana

Thursday – 4:00-6:00pm – After school club (ages 6-12) – the Pavillion, Caminha

Every other Sunday – 111am – Family Yoga – the Pavillion, Caminha

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Kids Yoga Classes

What does a Kids Yoga class look like?

Every class is different but follows a similar structure.

Firstly we start off with a release of energy, usually in the form of a song or an energetic game. This gives the Kids a nice burst of energy and time for them to have fun and be a little silly.

Classes are composed of songs, games, activities, arts & crafts and breathwork.

To finish off the class we do a relaxing meditation.

We work through a flow in the class, leading kids from high energy and working our way down to peacful relaxation.

Family Yoga Classes

Fun for the whole family!

Family yoga classes take all of the concepts of a kids yoga class but are suitable for the whole family.

It’s a great way to spend time together, whilst practising mindfulness, meditation & yoga.

Family classes will often include some partner pose activities.

“I love Wendy’s family yoga class. Each time we go we always have so much fun. these classes are suitable for everyone, plus it’s a great way to connect with our families in our community.” – Ana


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Yoga parties are the best parties!

Yoga parties are so much fun. They include games, activities, movement and so much more.

If your little one has a particular interest I can incorporate that as a theme for the party.

I can accommodate up to 20 children per party.

If you need a venue you can talk to me, alternatively, I can come to you!

Get in touch for more information.

Contact Info

Location: The Pavillion Caminha

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