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Fun-filled kids yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for schools, events and more.

About Me

My name is Alicia Rose and I have been teaching Children’s Yoga for the past two years. I have previously worked as an Assistant Principal and currently work as Head of Key Stage One across two primary schools meaning I have an extensive knowledge of the National Curriculum. Yoga has an abundance of benefits for children including:

– Helping children to develop their posture, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and motor skills
– Reducing stress and anxiety levels
– Teaching children to recognise all emotions
– Supporting children’s physical health and breathing

I am now using my knowledge of education and my experience of yoga to support children’s development through online yoga classes. Please see below for details.

Namaste everyone,

Alicia Rose

The Magic of Kidding Around Yoga

When children experience KAY classes, they are not only building physical strength and flexibility, they are learning skills that will provide mental and emotional benefits throughout their lives! The magic of Kidding Around Yoga is our unique class programming. KAY teachers are experts in meeting each child’s needs, providing creative activities, games, songs, and crafts based on traditional yoga and meditation practices.

Our children live in a busy world and KAY classes are an oasis providing a safe place to be creative, move freely, and experience calm. We look forward to being part of your child’s day!

More Information

Class Schedule

At present due to the COVID-19 restrictions, classes will be based on Zoom. They will be linked the National Curriculum objectives for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Starting from January there will be a six weekly programme of classes including the following:

– 1 x Themed Class per week
– 1 x High energy class per week with relaxation at the end
– 1 x Family Yoga every two weeks
– 1 x Spanish Yoga and language teaching every two weeks

The themes will be varied every week with the themes for January and February as follows:


A new year to begin yoga class
Gratitude yoga class
Martin Luther King yoga class
Lotus flower themed class


Valentine’s Day love and Kindness themed class
Chinese New Year themed class
Mindfulness retreat

There will also be two gift bags with activities related to the classes available at an additional cost.

Please email: for more information

Or telephone +447999345821

Birthday Parties

Want a fabulous birthday party experience for your child?

Contact me to go over location, pricing and all of the fun-filled details!

My Events

January and February six weekly timetable of yoga classes:

    • Week beginning: 4th January


Monday 4th January, 5pm: Themed class: A New Year to begin Yoga class

Tuesday 5th January, 5pm: High energy exercise class

Wednesday 6th January, 5pm: Family Yoga

Week beginning: 11th January

Monday 11th January, 5pm: Themed class: Gratitude Yoga Class

Tuesday 12th January, 5pm: High energy exercise class

Wednesday 13th January, 5pm: Spanish yoga and language teaching

    • Week beginning: 18th January


Monday 18th January, 5pm: Themed class: Martin Luther King day yoga

Tuesday 19th January, 5pm: High energy exercise class

Wednesday 20th January, 5pm: Family Yoga

Week beginning: 25th January

Monday 25th January, 5pm: Themed class: Lotus flower themed class

Tuesday 26th January, 5pm: High energy exercise class

Wednesday 27th January, 5pm: Spanish yoga and language teaching

    • Week beginning 1st February:


Monday 1st February, 5pm: Themed class: Valentine’s Day love and kindness class

Tuesday 2nd February, 5pm: High energy exercise class

Wednesday 3rd February, 5pm: Family Yoga

Week beginning 8th February

Monday 8th February, 5pm: Chinese New Year Themed class

Tuesday 9th February, 5pm: Mindfulness retreat

Wednesday 10th February, 5pm: Spanish yoga and language teaching

Contact Info

Location: London & Barcelona UK/Spain


Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

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