Licensee Application

You must fill out this application in order to begin your licensee process.
Did you complete OKAY? You must finish all 4 modules within 45 days, before you can become a Licensee (even if you completed a LIVE training).(Required)
Are you a Yoga Alliance accredited RYT?(Required)

Licensee Requirements

Please read every single item below. These points explain exactly what we expect of you.
KAY is a non-smoking company. It goes against our core values as yogis to have teachers representing the KAY brand who are smokers. I do not smoke.(Required)
The Licensee requirements are listed on our website, and linked to the pinned post of our Licensees in Training Facebook Forum. You must complete your Licensee process within 45 DAYS. If you need additional time to complete the Licensee procedure due to major life changes, please contact Licensee Director at If we do not hear from you in a timely manner, you will be removed from our Licensee list. Please make sure you can finish in a timely manner. It makes it a better experience for everyone. Do you understand?(Required)
As a Licensee you will have unlimited use of the KAY logo in all advertising, marketing material, and website activities. However, you are responsible to make sure the intellectual integrity of our brand is maintained. If you have any questions about the use of our logo please ask. Do you understand?(Required)
You will have access to our full licensee marketing kit, and will be able to order marketing materials AFTER you become a Licensee. Not during the Licensee process. Do you understand?(Required)
The KAY staff will help guide you as you start this process. But this is YOUR business and, ultimately, your responsibility to do the work to get it off of the ground. Do you understand?(Required)

There is a digital version of the Licensee Agreement to sign in the next section of this procedure. The Licensee Agreement is also in the FILES section at the very top of the Kidding Around Yoga Teacher's International forum.
I have found and read through the Licensee Program steps on the website.(Required)
I have found and read through the Licensee Program steps on the website.
I understand that I need to sign the Licensee Agreement in the next step of the procedure.(Required)
I understand that I will have access to the Licensee Exam within the Licensee procedure course. I understand I must complete the exam to complete the procedure.(Required)
I understand that Licensee status will not be granted until I have submitted a 30 minute video of me teaching a KAY class. (Please teach to beanie babies or paper cups - NO KIDS. If your video exceeds 30 minutes, you will be asked to resubmit). You must follow the outline to a "T" so that we are confident you will teach the KAY Way. If some hand holding is required, fear not, a staff member will work with you to ensure your success.(Required)
I have downloaded and am listening to all of the music. If not, I will get help to download it all and will listen to it constantly!(Required)
I will order/borrow and read <a href="">“The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary on the Raja Yoga Sutras"</a> by Sri Swami Satchidananda.(Required)
INSURANCE! (USA Only)(Required)

Kidding Around Yoga has partnered with BeYogi Insurance for a discounted rate. Kidding Around Yoga Professionals save $20 and Trainees get their first year for only $25. Insurance is applicable within the United States only and to those professionals who meet the state’s requirements, where applicable, to practice yoga.

Licensee Payment

As a Licensee, are you interested in using any of the following to market yourself?
If you desire, a professionally built website will be set up for you upon completion of your Licensee Procedure. You will need to submit a website form to have it built. Gather photos in the meantime that you will want placed on your website. You will have access to several marketing materials for customization. We provide all the marketing flyers, cards, brochures, etc that you could possibly want. It is your responsibility to have them customized and printed. We only provide the files on the computer. ​Many instructions for editing/maintaining/altering these items* are included on the Licensee Resources module that will be unlocked upon completing this course. If you need additional assistance, it can be found by posting in the forum or by hiring a private contractor. KAY employees are not available for assistance via text, chat, email, phone or carrier pigeon. We are busy spreading the love all over the world. Do you understand?(Required)
By setting up your recurring monthly payment of $19, you agree to an ongoing monthly charge until you decide to cancel your agreement. Alternatively, you may have paid via annual fee of $200. In this case, refunds will not be issued in the future if you wish to discontinue your agreement. Do you understand?(Required)
If you decide to cancel your Licensee status, you are responsible for completing the Cancellation Form on the Licensee Requirements page on the KAY website.(Required)


We expect all Licensees to be available via their KAY email address (which you will obtain upon completion of the Licensee Procedure) at all times. This is how the rest of the world finds you, so we expect that if we send you an email at your KAY address it will be answered within 48 hours. If WE can't find you, how can your customers find you?
Will you check your KAY email at least once a day?(Required)


You will proceed through the Licensee Program course, where you will: 1. Request your Website/Email Address 2. Get access to marketing materials 3. Access your Licensee Resources You will then be provided with the answers to 3 questions that are needed to gain access to the Licensee forum, where we share news and offer special opportunities to our KAY Licensee family as we grow.
I have been made aware of the benefits of becoming a licensee and the materials that I will have access to.(Required)


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