Learn To Meditate With Momma KAY

Curious about meditation? Want to try meditating but don’t know where to start?


Make a 1:1 appointment with the creator of Kidding Around Yoga, Haris Harini Lender, to jump start your meditation practice. With Haris’ guidance, you will learn:

  1. WHAT meditation is
  2. WHY we should meditate
  3. HOW to meditate
  4. WHEN to meditate with a personalized practice schedule


Appointments are available now!

Email Haris to schedule your private virtual session with Momma KAY and make a donation to KAY’s Justice Task Force.

Pay what you can. We know learning how to meditate will be life changing for you, and the work our Justice Task Force is doing is life changing for many, so please spread the love with a donation.

When submitting your PayPal payment, please put “Justice Task Force Donation – Learn to Meditate with Momma KAY” in the description.

Let’s create a more peaceful world through meditating together!

Hi Haris, I’m Meditating everyday and things are looking up! Thanks so much for your time, our chat was super helpful! I’m picking up a camper van near death valley tomorrow and headed out for a month of hot springing and hiking in the desert- I’m so stoked, I’ve always wanted to do this! Bless!



San Francisco, CA

Haris Lender, Momma KAY
Haris Lender, Momma KAY
Haris Lender, Momma KAY
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