95 Hour Training

According to the Yoga Alliance (YA), a not for profit yoga teacher organization that advances yoga, you must complete a YA approved 95 hour training focused on children (after having been registered with them as a 200 hour teacher – RYT) in order to qualify for the Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) designation. Obtaining your 95 hour advanced certification is also beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their skills, deepen their knowledge of child development and anatomy or expand their Kids Yoga offerings. Therefore, you do not have to be part of Yoga Alliance to benefit from this comprehensive training. Kidding Around Yoga offers four very unique HANDS-ON opportunities to earn the 95 hour certification. Advance your career and join us for the most comprehensive degree in yoga for children and have a blast at the same time!

95 hr Graduates at Camp KAY 2014

95 hr Graduates at Camp KAY 2014

Kidding Around Yoga will help you meet these 95 hour requirements with four different training options:

First, you will attend a 2-day live training. They are all over the world all of the time. Find one that works for you! Next, you will choose to attend one of the four following advanced training options:

CAMP KAY Cabuya Lodge (English)   Cabuya Lodge (En Espanol) Portugal

Here’s how you get started…

  1. Register & attend one of our 2-day live training events if you haven’t already.
  2. Engage yourself by teaching at least 15 hours and become active in our Facebook forum, Kidding Around Yoga Teachers International.
  3. Complete all four modules of our Online Kidding Around Yoga course (OKAY).
  4. Register and attend one of the above advanced training options.

It is preferred that you take a 2-day training before the advanced training. However, you can attend the advanced training first if need be. If this is the case, on your registration form you will need to:

  1. Commit to attend a 2-day training in the near future (regular discounts apply). *If you register for the 2-day immediately, the following step will not apply to you.
  2. Pay $150 to gain access to your online coursework. This course will need to be completed in its entirety before attending the advanced 95 hour training you register for.

*Note that you are not eligible to receive your advanced 95 hour certificate until you have completed the 2-day training.

Have you completed your initial Kids Yoga certification with a YA approved Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) other than Kidding Around Yoga, but still want to attend one of KAY’s advanced 95 hour trainings? You can! On your registration form, you will need to:

  1. Submit your initial Kids Yoga certificate to us for approval.
  2. Pay $150 to gain access to the online coursework that will need to be completed in its entirety before attending the advanced 95 hour training you register for.

Yoga Alliance and Certification

Yoga Alliance registration is not the same as “certification”.  If you have completed our basic 2-day KAY training, you are fully certified to teach yoga to children in any capacity and are not required to complete further training or to join the Yoga Alliance.

Hours for Completion
2-Day Training (15 Hrs)
Advanced Training (72 Hrs)
Online Kidding Around Yoga – OKAY (8 Hrs)
TOTAL HOURS: 95 hours

How to register as a RCYT with the Yoga Alliance
There is no time frame in which you are to fulfill all of your 95 hour requirements with YA. You do not need to be a 200 hour certified teacher when you begin the process. However, you must be 200 hour certified when you register with the Yoga Alliance for your RYT and subsequently for your RCYT.
CLICK HERE to learn more about the current guidelines from Yoga Alliance for teaching yoga to children which are summarized below.

  • Complete 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • Complete 95 hour advanced Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
  • Submit 30 teaching hours in Kids Yoga that take place AFTER you get your 95 hour advanced Children’s Yoga Teacher Training certificate
Kidding Around Yoga is a Registered Children’s Yoga School through the Yoga Alliance.

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