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Kidding Around Yoga, a worldwide leader in Kids Yoga training since 2009, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Virtual Teacher Training course for certification in yoga instruction for children. This virtual program, which is a combination of self-paced online learning and real-time virtual interactive elements, is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the power of yoga for children and to learn how to teach children this valuable form of exercise, meditation and relaxation. Kidding Around Yoga has held live trainings in over 20 countries, and thousands of graduates from their in person and online offerings. The company is excited about the launch of this new virtual training program.

Kids Yoga teacher training course certification is now available in two online formats:  virtual and a solely self-paced online format to allow anyone to more easily learn how to share the joys of yoga with children from the comfort and safety of their home. 

“We created this program in light of the pandemic to provide a better training experience for the online world,” said Haris Lender, founder of Kidding Around Yoga. “It also resulted in a reduced price for our solely self-paced online path and a reduced price to our OKAY Lite (non-certification) program.” 

Parents, teachers and anyone else interested in learning techniques to introduce children to yoga are welcome to register. Through the program, individuals will learn more than just yoga poses and techniques. The program is designed with children in mind, providing guidance on games and activities that appeal to children, songs to use for better engagement and even arts and crafts.

Children have unique needs and require a different approach to yoga than adults. With the help of the experienced instructors at Kidding Around Yoga, interested individuals will explore the value of yoga in general, as well as how it can benefit children. The virtual program is a hybrid of self-paced and real-time virtual experiences. The virtual training uses a combination of real-time virtual sessions, self-paced quizzes and video lessons and provides individuals with 26 continuing education units recognized by Yoga Alliance and some other educational institutions.

Anyone interested in learning about the Virtual or Online Teacher Training course certification options can find out more by visiting the Kidding Around Yoga website or by calling 1-855-KID-YOGA.

About Kidding Around Yoga: Kidding Around Yoga was founded by Haris Lender, a certified Integral Yoga teacher who has reached level 500. She recognized the benefits of yoga for children, as well as the need for a unique approach. Much of the music used in the program is written and performed by Lender herself. The company offers a variety of in-person and online programs to provide convenient training for parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. The programs teach the basic elements of yoga, along with child-friendly approaches, including games, music, arts and crafts, and more.

Company: Kidding Around Yoga

Telephone number: 1-855-KID-YOGA

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