KAY-tinuing Education 

“Knowlege is power” – Sir Francis Bacon

There are a variety of ways that we can continue your kids yoga education after your training:

  1. ONLINE TRAINING (You don’t need to be a graduate to take these)
    OKAY – All KAY trainees have three month’s access to this included in your training
    OYY – Online Yoga Yeladim. Share Yoga with a Jewish Twist with your students
    PreKAY – How to teach Yoga to even the youngest of Yogis for all caregivers
    A-OKAY – KAY offers you ideas, tips and tricks for differently abled children
    KAY-C – Yoga in the classroom creates an OMazing learning environment
    Raja Yoga – Deepen your knowledge and foundation of Yoga
    KAY-natomy – Learn the ins and outs of your young yogis’ bodies
    KAY4ALL – Understand diversity and inclusivity making your space a safe place for ALL
    Teen-KAY – The knowledge, tools, and practical skills required to teach yoga and meditation to teens and tweens
  2. WONDROUS WEBINARS (You must be a graduate to take these)

    We have held various webinars available to you in your teacher’s resources on a variety of topics such as:

    • Behavior Management
    • Raja in your Yoga class
    • Mommy and Me Yoga for REALLY young Yogis
    • Developing your own Meditation practice
    • Multi aged teaching
  3. Our FREE Facebook Forum
    This forum has thousands of members. Got a question? Post it in the forum. You’ll have an answer REALLY soon! Seriously this forum is worth the fee for the training. But we love you so much we don’t charge.
  4. The KAY newsletter will keep you plugged in fo shizzle!
  5. Our Blog. What can we say? Read it! It’s stupendous and full of goodies for your kids yoga bag of tricks.
  6. RETAKING A LIVE TRAINING – KAY is constantly growing and changing… we have TONS of new things to share all the time. Remember the magic from the first time? Do it all over again. Our retakers fee is 66% off (the cost is only $100 USD for licensees). Occasionally we can not honor this price depending on the location but in most situations we can get jiggy with it. Please email info@kiddingaroundyoga before you register to double check.
  7. Join our Camp KAY 95 Hour training so that you can register as an RCYT with the Yoga Alliance.
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