KAY Scholarship Fund


The Justice Scholarship Fund Initiative was created to award individuals who have the desire to bring yoga and stress management to children but lack the financial means to pay for the certification training. We have a limited number of scholarships to award each month. Therefore, all applications will be reviewed the following month to ensure that the scholarships are awarded to the most deserving applicants. Applicants may be awarded a full scholarship or 75% off the course tuition based on the strength of their vision and the likeliness of bringing Kids Yoga to low-income, BIPOC and other communities who haven’t had access to yoga.

Our goal is to notify all applicants by the 15th of the following month. Please keep in mind that if the scholarship is awarded, you will have 45 days to complete the course or the scholarship will be revoked.


  • All proceeds from our online course, KAY4ALL, will now go to the Scholarship Fund.
  • A “Donate $5” button has been added to all course purchases including payment plans through Teachable.
  • An option to donate $5 has been added to the WooCommerce checkout page for all purchases that go through the main website.
  • Proceeds from the Privilege & Oppression in the Yoga World: What are we going to do about it? Virutal Mini Workshop will go toward the KAY Scholarship Fund.
  • A KAY DAY fundraiser is being planned for 4/15/21.
  • All proceeds from the sales of our Peace, Love & Justice t-shirt go to the Scholarship Fund.

To apply for a scholarship complete the form below. Qualified applicants will be eligible for full or partial training scholarships.


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