Licensee Requirements

If you would like to become a licensee with Kidding Around Yoga, you must attend one of our teacher trainings (live or online) and you must have taught at least 10 KIDDING AROUND YOGA CLASSES. (If you are not a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, additional requirements may be necessary. We will notify you if this is the case.)

Your Licensee Program includes the following steps:

  • You will enroll in the course and select either the $19/month subscription fee or $200 annual fee (save $40!)
  • You should finish the requirements within 45 days of your start date
  • Complete the Licensee Application Form
  • Complete the KAY Licensee Agreement
  • Take the Licensee Test
  • Submit a 30 minute video of YOU teaching a KAY class to beanie babies, stuffed animals, etc (but NO children). (We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you teach approximately 10 classes prior to filming so you feel very comfortable following the outline.)
The following steps are on the honor system:


Once all of the above is completed and approved…

  • We will do a happy dance because we love welcoming new people into our family!
  • You will gain access to the licensee only resources.
  • You will gain access to OKAY Plus (the course will appear in your Teachable account).
  • You will be qualified to take advantage of our various exclusive discounts for licensees.
  • You will obtain instructions on creating your own Kidding Around Yoga with _____ Facebook page.
  • You will be able to put in a request for your own Kidding Around Yoga with _____ website.
  • You will be able to list yourself and/or your business in our Teacher Directory at no extra cost.
  • You will receive a new [email protected].com email address.
  • You can use our fabulous marketing materials to print on your own.
  • For a fee, you can have customized flyers made for any of your classes or events.
  • You will have access to free webinars about technology and marketing.

Read below. This is of utmost importance to us. 

  • KAY is a non-smoking company. It goes against our core values as yogis to have teachers representing the KAY brand who are smokers. Plus, it’s just bad for you and we love you, so maybe… quit? We want you to be really healthy for the adventure you are about to embark on!

Are you ready to dive in? 

Join the KAY Licensee Family today! 

Enroll in Licensee Program

Licensee Cancellation

We hate to see you go but totally understand how life changes. Licensees are permitted to cancel their membership at any point. When canceling, licensees are required to complete the cancellation form below.

Cancellation Form:               English          Spanish

“After my first Kidding Around Yoga training I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Shortly after, I decided I wanted to become a licensee. Having access to all the KAY materials is wonderful! The business cards, brochures and posters are so beautiful. People are immediately attracted to them. And there is so much more. The “Licensee Only Resources” are an amazing resource where you can find blank contracts, birthday invoices, basically anything you need. I can just download, fill in my info, print and go! And now my business is booming! I love KAY!”
– Sarah, Florida
KAY with Sarah
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