If you would like to become a licensee of Kidding Around Yoga you must attend one of our teacher trainings (live or online) and then follow the steps below in the order that they are listed AND finish within TWO MONTHS. Notify us if you are not a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. Additional requirements may be necessary.

Application Form:           English          Spanish
Make a Payment:               English          Spanish
Contact Email:                           

Licensee Checklist (You must finish the licensee procedure within TWO months or be charged an admin fee):
  1. If you attended a live training, you need to complete all modules of OKAY before you may apply to become a Licensee. If you took OKAY only, then you just need to graduate! You must notify Sarah when complete.
  2. Fill out the Licensee Application Form (above). After submitting the form, you will immediately sign your agreement and make your payment. (Do not pay this until you are ready to commit and you have read the License Agreement! It is non-refundable.)
  3. Take the Licensee Test. This Test will be available from your OKAY list of courses soon after you pay. (The test covers information in the KAY manual.)
  4. Finish the entire OKAY training.
  5. Submit a 30 minute video of YOU teaching a KAY Class. Teach to beanie babies if you don’t have kids. Hint Hint… we are looking to see if you have followed the outline. Follow it to a “T” if you want to be accepted quickly. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you teach approximately 10 classes prior to filming so you feel very comfortable following the outline. There is a “class script” in the pinned post in the International KAY FB forum and there is a video of Momma KAY teaching a full class. This is a GREAT place to study THE KAY WAY. It works… no need to re-invent the wheel. 
  6. Email (English) or (Spanish) a scanned copy of your proof of insurance. Kidding Around Yoga has partnered with BeYogi Insurance for a discounted rate. Kidding Around Yoga Professionals save $20 and Trainees get their first year for only $25. Insurance is applicable within the United States only and to those professionals who meet the state’s requirements, where applicable, to practice Yoga.
  7. Read “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary on the Raja Yoga Sutras” by Sri Swami Satchidananda. (This can be done on your own time.)
  8. Schedule one Karma Yoga class to be taught a minimum of once every two months. We check in regularly to make sure you are keeping up.
  9. Start TEACHING. (These are on the honor system.)
    1. Download all of the KAY songs and KNOW ALL OF THE MUSIC. (You must also have a method of playing music in your classes.)
    2. Study the manual extensively.
    3. Build your “Bag of tricks”.

Once all of the above is completed and approved…

  • We will do a happy dance because we love welcoming new people into our family!
  • You will gain access to the Licensee Only Resources.
  • You will obtain instructions on creating your own Kidding Around Yoga with _____ Facebook Page.
  • You will be able to put in a request for your own Kidding Around Yoga with _____ Website.
  • You will receive [email protected] email address.
  • You can use our fabulous marketing materials to print on your own.
  • For a fee you can have customized flyers made for any of your classes and events.
  • You will have access to free webinars on technology and marketing.
  • You will get a discount on some of our KAY-tinuing Education Programs where we offer a variety of topics to fine-tune just about anything that could possibly come up in a kids yoga class.

Other important things to note:

  • KAY is a non-smoking company. It goes against our core values as Yogis to have teachers representing the KAY brand who are smokers.
  • Licensees will need to sign their Agreement, provide proof of insurance coverage and begin paying their monthly Licensee fee.

Licensee Cancellation

Cancellation Form

“After my first Kidding Around Yoga training I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Shortly after, I decided I wanted to become a licensee.  Having access to all the KAY materials is wonderful! The business cards, brochures, and posters are so beautiful. People are immediately attracted to them. And there is so much more. The “back pages” of the website is an amazing place to find blank contracts, birthday invoices, basically anything I need. I can just download, fill in my info, print and go! And now my business is booming! I love KAY!”
– Sarah, Florida
KAY with Sarah