More Licensee Benefits

What are MY Licensee Benefits?

1. What are the advantages to the KAY licensing program if I already have my own branding?

2. How can I retain my unique branding and/or create a new concept of my own while still taking advantage of the KAY Licensing program?

Nobody understands better than us, and certainly Haris, that you can’t keep a hard core entrepreneur down. How do you think she developed Kidding Around Yoga? That being said, here’s how it works. The licensing program has many benefits besides the logo and web site. You can continue to use your own site and branding but still get these great perks.  We have found that linking your site to ours is a great way to take advantage of Kidding Around Yoga’s international presence and marketing. Parents want the best for their kids and they DO look for KAY classes in their community. Sharing our logo on your site helps them to track you down. 

Other perks for you to take advantage of:

  1. Being in our Licensee forum where you can learn and grow with other KAY Licensees.
  2. You are featured on our teacher directory, highlighted as a licensee.
  3. A 15% discount in our store.
  4. Access to our KAY staff for assistance with all things KAY.
  5. KAY Website on our server that will link back to your site. This will boost your Search Engine Optimization, SEO.
  6. Unlimited use of the logo.
  7. Use our beautiful and professionally designed KAY marketing materials in downloadable and customizable files including: brochures, flyers, business cards, gift certificates, posters, girl scout cards, banners, and yard signs. These marketing materials are invaluable for building your business and for advertising and filling your classes. You can ad your other business logo to it as well!
  8. Unlimited access to pre recorded webinars we have hosted. 
  9. And if that’s not enough for you, there is more.  Once you graduate from a training live or online, you qualify to take advantage of our KAY-tinuing Education Programs. As a licensee you will get a discount on all of our KAY-tinuing Education courses. 

Use our regular logo or THIS logo to post on your site reflecting that even though you have your very own style and your own business you ARE a part of our family. This way folks will know they CAN expect that OMazing KAY curriculum for their kids.

Take our KAY website that is included in your Licensing package. We’ll get it all purty for you, and on the Class Schedule page we will link directly to your already existing website.


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