Join KAY teachers around the world.

Let's celebrate the first annual KAY Day on April 15th.

All KAY teachers are invited.

It's time to CELEBRATE!


It’s time to CELEBRATE!


Join KAY teachers around the world as we celebrate the first annual KAY DAY on April 15th! All KAY teachers are invited to teach a special donation class, in person or virtually, and donate any proceeds to KAY’s Justice Task Force.

All KAY teachers who register will receive:


  • Marketing materials to help tell the world about your class
    • An email template to send out
    • Graphics to use on social media
  • A digital kit to use in your KAY Day class
    • “Peace, Love and Justice For All” lesson plan
    • Affirmation cards
    • Meditation script
    • Journal page for closing circle activity
  • Link for KAY teachers to donate funds (or ask your participants to use the link directly)


Kids Yoga session
childrens yoga teacher training

Ready to join the party? Order The Peace Shirt to wear for KAY Day (it’s not required, but the purchase also helps fund our JTF initiatives) and register here.

We are excited to celebrate Momma KAY’s birthday with our first ever KAY Day! Join us for this FUN-raising opportunity and spread PEACE, LOVE AND JUSTICE through Kids Yoga.

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