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Karma Yoga

EP. 42 | Karma Yoga: teaching children about selfless service and taking action

Show Notes

In a yoga-based context, Karma means selfless service and taking action. Every action we take in our daily lives and how we do those actions without expectations of recognition or thanks is our Karma.

It’s all about cause and effect: How do our actions (and reactions) ripple through the Universe?

It’s a big idea and our Mindful Conversation with KAY podcast this week explores how to explain and practice Karma Yoga with children.

Kelly and Kristi talk about:

  • What Karma is (and isn’t)
  • How to take yoga off the mat and into action
  • Explaining Karma to children in age-appropriate ways
  • Examples of simple acts of kindness
  • The power of setting an example for your kids

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