Facebook Rebate

We hope you were able to cash in on one of our discounts for your live training. However, if you didn’t qualify, here’s a way for you to earn a $45 rebate just for sharing Kidding Around Yoga with your friends on your Facebook wall. AND… YES YES YES you do qualify for the rebate EVEN if you already received a discount and even if you’re using a payment plan. Cuz we’re awesome like that! But you must attend a live training and make the post at least 5 days before the first day of your live training. Online-only doesn’t count. Rebates can only be sent back to you via PayPal. Here is how it works:

AFTER you register and pay, make a PUBLIC Facebook post that looks JUST LIKE THIS:

Follow these steps to a “t” and CA-CHING you’ll earn back $45.

  1. Register and pay for your training.
  2. Make sure you are posting AT LEAST 5 days before the first day of your live training. So if your training is on Saturday, then the post needs to be by the Monday before your training at midnight.
  3. Cut and paste the paragraph below onto your Facebook wall.

    Hey friends… I’ve just signed up for a two day Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training at ____city_____, _____State/Country____. I’ll be learning how to share Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and more with the kiddos in my life. These folks are super generous and they offered me a discount if I tell you all about it. Check out this video. Maybe you can join me. They will give you a discount, too!

  4. Copy the following YouTube Video link and paste it below the above paragraph on your post. Wait until the video pops up and then delete the link. It looks prettier!
  5. Choose Public. Then click on POST.
  6. Now check to make sure the post was made PUBLIC by clicking on the icon shown below.
  7. Send an email to with a screen shot or a photograph of the post. Just use your mobile phone to take a picture or take a screenshot. For a speedy refund, make the Subject Heading of the email “FACEBOOK REBATE (location of your training)”. We need to know where your training is located. We host trainings all over the world every single weekend! If you do everything above, you can expect your refund within 5 days of your final payment to KAY. Refunds can only be sent back to you via PayPal. If you paid in full, you should expect it within one week. If you’re on a payment plan, expect it within a week following your last successful payment. If you do not see your refund within 5 business days, go ahead and email and we’ll fix it!