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Every Little Cell in my Body is Happy

The Every little cell in my body is happy… Stress Management for kids and adults too! Upon hearing some of our original Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) songs, people frequently ask me which one of our 50 KAY songs is my favorite. “Well”… I say, excited to share the love, “they all are… but truth be told, “Every Little Cell in my Body is Happy”, is truly at the top of the list.” I love it so much that I make sure that each of our 20 kids yoga trainers introduces this song/activity at the very beginning of our 2 day children’s yoga training every time! WHY? Well first of all it’s FUN! But also because it’s the best form of Stress Management for kids, and it’s no secret that kids today are stressed out and need more exercise. This song is jam- packed full of ways to get your kids moving and grooving, all while breathing and laughing. I mean who wouldn’t want their kids to be listening to great music, dancing, stretching and practicing yoga all at the same time?! The proof is in the KAY pudding when you see the look on the kids faces while they are dancing, jumping, and smiling, all while doing yoga poses suitable for kids such as: The Lion pose, The Chair pose, The Ragdoll pose, patting, tapping, shaking and even jumping jacks.


All of the Kidding Around Yoga music, especially the song, “Every Little Cell in my Body is Happy”, offers foreign language students an opportunity to learn the body parts in English. One of our very own KAY instructors in Paris uses KAY to teach English as a foreign language to her kids in a Montessori classroom. Could you imagine children in France, and all around the world, learning and dancing to the same music at the same time?! Music is universal, and KAY is universal! The possibilities are endless, just like the smiles. This song really rocks! And on a cellular level too. Why, you ask?

It’s been well documented that body shaking and patting awaken the Qi (Chi), or the energy in your body. Shaking is a great way to minimize stress, wake you up, and put a huge smile on your face. And guess what? It feels good and it’s fun! You don’t have to do the Harlem Shake; you can do whatever type of Shake you want. One of our favorite teachers who is also a 4th grade teacher uses this song as a method to wake up her students. Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either. Students tired in class? NO WAY! After all, who doesn’t want to let go of everyday stressors whether they are young or old. But for kids there are just SO many more concerns than in previous generations. School testing is much more intense than ever, obesity rates are growing as fast as their waistlines, divorce rates are climbing, allergies in children can sometimes be life threatening, peer pressure, even economic issues. Shaking is a simple activity but is VERY powerful. Especially the way we do it at Kidding Around Yoga.

We’re talking about some serious whole body shaking. This type of exercise detoxifies every cell in your body, it can strengthen your bone marrow and your spine and support the adrenal glands and the kidneys. You can imagine how beneficial this is for your blood flow. And when you’re done with this exercise you feel relaxed, and your muscles are all warmed up for the rest of a fabulous kids yoga class. One of the best parts about this song is that it’s versatile enough that even a sedentary child in their bedroom can put their computer down, jump up and begin to start shaking. Kids today are spending way too much time hunched over a computer, watching the television, playing with their i-something or other, or playing harsh video games. This activity can be a quick break from the monotony of working on a computer at home as well as a short break in the classroom for students. Heck, it is the perfect break to take in LIFE! We all need to take ‘breather’ at times. Imagine taking that ‘breather’, while actually mindfully breathing and flowing! We all know how popular Yoga in the classroom is now.

If you are a school teacher here’s another way to share yoga with the kids in your classroom. Kidding Around Yoga in the classroom is easy peasy, take a big breathey. Just put the song on, romp around and have some fun with your kids. Do this OMazing Kidding Around Yoga song anytime you want to add a little happy to your day. You never know the world you are changing one moving body and happy soul at a time.

You can find the song, directions, and lyrics right on our website under Using KAY Music. We have 30+ videos for you to enjoy.


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