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Episode 13

“A Gratitude Practice: What is it and why it can be so helpful to manage stress and overwhelm”

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Show Notes

In this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, Kristi and Kelly share the gratitude practices they use in their homes and classrooms to help children recognize all they have to be grateful for daily.

As yoga teachers, classroom teachers, and moms, Kelly and Kristi feel particularly responsible for raising grateful children. Aparigraha is a Sanskrit term meaning “greedless-ness” or “gratitude”, and it is one of the basic teachings of yoga. This does not just mean simply saying “Thank you,” (although manners are very important). The real goal is to encourage and inspire genuine gratitude to the people and situations that allow us to be who we are and enjoy what we have.

The conversation includes:

  • What is gratitude, really?
  • How gratitude practices are actually stress-management tools
  • The role of the Reticular Activating System in attention and focus
  • Modeling gratitude
  • Examples of weaving simple gratitude practices into your daily routine
  • Avoiding the pitfall of toxic positivity


Four Yoga Practices to Teach Gratitude

Make Gratitude Part of Your Child’s Daily Routine

Practice Daily Gratitude with the Family

The Inner Smile


Orange You Grateful?


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