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Kidding Around Yoga for Educators


Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

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Evidence-Based Impact of Yoga in Classrooms

Yoga in Schools Works Wonders!

Kids Yoga has become widely recognized for the health and well-being benefits it can provide for students.

Through grant funding, we have had the privilege to share our EduKAY Professional Development Program with dozens of public schools and hundreds of educators in West Virginia.

West Virginia University studied the effects of the Kidding Around Yoga training and the findings are powerful:

Emotional regulation

Teachers reported a significant increase in the ability of students to regulate their emotions

More teaching time

Strategies allowed teachers to spend more minutes on classroom instruction time


Teachers felt equipped to support students, recognize crisis, and felt able to de-escalate situations

Decline in disciplinary actions

Decline in disciplinary actions and referrals for behavioral/emotional challenges

Educator Professional Development

EduKAY School Workshop

The best evidence-based program for bringing mindfulness, meditation & yoga into your school & classroom.

This six-hour professional development opportunity teaches methods that integrate seamlessly into school curriculums and classroom routines, providing yoga-based opportunities for mindfulness, behavior and stress management, health awareness, and social-emotional learning.

  • Ways to select learning standards from reading, math, or other content areas that are yoga-adaptable
  • Learn age-appropriate songs, stories, games, and activities
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Beneficial and engaging exercises for all learning types
  • Ways to incorporate yoga techniques into mini-lessons
  • Confidently create yoga breaks at transitional times
  • Consistently make academic content more engaging
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Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Watch at your leisure!


Relaxation & Meditation for Kids

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