The Yoga Slide

The Yoga Slide

A “must have” in your KAY playlist! Everyone loves this dance party. It gets yogis jumping, dancing, posing, breathing, and having a blast! Fun for all ages, it’s a catchy tune that you will be asked to play over and over. Uh huh! Uh huh!

How to do it:
“This is a dance that’s fun to do, when I say Yoga Slide, here’s what ya do: put your hands in Namaste – let your body start to sway. Step to the left, then to the right, The Yoga Slide is outta sight! Hands up! Hands up! C’mon!” Just follow the directions in the song. It’s crazy fun. The poses included in the song are Mountain, Ragdoll, Chair, Dancer, Warrior, Tree, Eagle and Pretzel. But you’ll also be jumping, drumming, doing jumping jacks and, of course, sliding from side to side. “The Yoga Slide is the best!”

See the lyrics HERE.

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