A Yogi Went Yodeling

A Yogi Went Yodeling

This little ditty came from “Once an Austrian Went Yodeling”. You remain on the floor so it’s not high energy. But it’s fun! Who doesn’t like to yodel?! It’s great used in a traveling, camping, or mountain themed class or party.

How to do it:
Staying seated, you begin by clasping your hands and throwing them over each shoulder as the song says, “A yogi went yodeling, on a mountain top high, when along came a _____ interrupting his cry”. Then clap your hands on your thighs when the song says, “Oh he went, yogis like to yodel, yodel-le-hee-hee”. Then do the pose from the song, LION, DOWN DOG, COBRA, and CAT. Then it ends with the yogi resting in his secret garden. Perfect end to a perfect kids Yoga class.

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